The Prisoners' Dilemma

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Side Quest: The Prisoners' Dilemma
The Prisoners' Dilemma.png
Starting Location
Freetown (City)
Given By
Return Zenmo back to Freetown:
1000 gold ♦ 1000 XP

Tell Eirama That Zenmo died on the way back:
500 gold ♦ 500 XP

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The Prisoners' Dilemma is a quest given to you by Eirama at Freetown (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 52 - Completable

Eirama's husband has gone missing after traveling south to sell wine to the local bandits. She cannot ask the Legion for help, as both she and her husband would be guilty of assisting banditry and then be enslaved. So it is up to you to try and find out what happened to Zenmo.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Eirama in Freetown.
  2. Head south to Zamohr Mountains.
  3. Fight your way through the Bandits and Bear Traps to Castle Bluerock.
  4. Explore the southeast part of the castle to find the holding cells.
  5. Rescue Eirama's husband, Zenmo.
  6. Return to Eirama for the reward.


Freetown (City)Castle BluerockEirama

Detailed Walkthrough

As you explore Freetown, you will encounter Eirama near the Town Hall on the way to the castle. When you speak with her, she will ask if you have traveled up from the south, and if so, have you seen her husband Zenmo. He has been missing for some time now, and Eirama cannot go to the Legion and ask for help because Zenmo was trading with the bandits who have taken over the Zamohr Mountains area south of the city. Promise her you'll keep an eye for her husband, and she will offer you a small reward in return.

From Freetown, head south passing by the fields and the Iron Enclave. Try to keep to the western side of the map to avoid an unneeded detour in the Zamohr Mountains. You will know you are in the right area when you see a trail leading southwest with a few Outlaws standing guard. Follow the path through the valley until you reach a choice of going north or south. Head north, fighting bandits and avoiding traps, as you make your way to the entrance of Castle Bluerock. MAke sure to heal yourself and your companion before you head inside.

After passing through the curtain wall via the gatehouse you will find yourself in the bailey with merlons on either side. Both merlons have plenty of embrasures from which archers can fire at you with relative ease. The area has been set to create a killzone in which invaders, such as yourself, will be forced to face the withering fire of archers in order to advance. Between, the archers, footmen, and traps you will be hard pressed to make it through without some careful consideration, and appropriate tactics based on your abilities. If using a melee based character, the best option is to run straight through the bailey, over the trap, whilst avoiding the footmen until you have gone through the opposite gate. If using a ranged based character, you can move forward just enough to engage the archers on either side, lure the footmen, and disarm the trap. Take your time, make sure you maintain your health. Once you have passed through the bailey and are in the keep itself, head down the hall to the south, then west as you follow the hall to its end. There will be light resistenance that should be easily cleared. Open the door at the end of the hall, ready to fight any Jailers that may attack. After the jailers in that dungeon have been dealt with, move on into the next room of the dungeon. After removing the threats in this room, you will find two men being held in separate cells.

Speak with either of the two, both will claim to be the true Zenmo, while insisting the other is a horrible monster. You now have the option of questioning them to figure out which one is telling the truth, releasing one or the other, or letting them both rot in their cells. However, be warned, if you happen to free the wrong prisoner (the one in the cell to the north), you will end up fighting a Werewolf.

Once the true Zenmo is freed, bring him back to Eirama. But be warned, depending on how long you spent inside the castle the Outlaws outside may have respawned and your party will get entangled in a good fight upon leaving, with a high chance for Zenmo getting killed. A Scroll of Recall comes in very handy in this case.

  • Do not leave the castle with Zenmo in your party - it is almost impossible to prevent him from quick death since the Outlaws respawned outside attack him first. Use the teleport / recall scroll as written above.


Quest Rewards

Return Zenmo back to Freetown:


  • 1000 gold
  • 1000 XP


Tell Eirama That Zenmo died on the way back:


  • 500 gold
  • 500 XP

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