The Shards of Fate

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Main Quest: The Shards of Fate
The Shards of Fate.png
Starting Location
Tower of Tremadan
Given By
A Ghostly Figure
For each Black Shard placed into the mirror:

For getting all 12 and restoring the Eye of Tol

Related Quests
A Key to the PastThe Ark of Lothasan

The Shards of Fate is a quest given to you by A Ghostly Figure at Tower of Tremadan.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 44 - Completable

Inside the Tower of Tremadan is a shattered mirror, which is an ancient artifact known as The Eye of Tol. In order to restore it, you must collect 12 of the missing black shards. They are probably in the hands of the powerful, regardless of whether they are good or evil.

Quest Steps

  1. Complete A Key to the Past to begin.
  2. Search the world for missing black shards.
  3. Return any 12 of the black shards to the mirror.
  4. Speak to Tremadan's Ghostly Figure.


Tower of TremadanJabal GrottoGurguth CaveThe Deep CauldronIrazur TombTower of Tremadan

Detailed Walkthrough

You have a lot of flexibility in how you complete this quest. There are 14 fixed black shards drops in the game, plus a theoretical unlimited amount that can be obtained as random drops from Rumor Bosses. You can use any mix of fixed black shards or random drops to get the required 12 shards. Some black shards can only be obtained through completing a quest in a specific way.

Lady Xidar

Lady Xidar's black shard is found in her throne after defeating her in the quest A Web of Terror. It's one of the few black shards that has its own name. She hits with strong death magic. Read the quest details for more information.

King Gurguth

The throne inside of Gurguth Cave contains a black shard. King Gurguth, and other trolls, guard it. Fight them for it, or just grab it and run away. The killing blow of a troll must contain fire damage or the troll will quickly regenerate. Fire spells, fire weapons, fire elementals, Abernos' Might will all do the trick. Keep that in mind with searching The Trollfens for this black shard.


The fire dragon Faazvolfrul guards a large chest containing a black shard. His layer is located in Northwest Sagar Forest. You'll have to go through Gorx Lair to access the The Deep Cauldron where you'll find Fire Dragon behind a secret door. You can choose to fight the dragon, or simply loot the chest and run away.

Araim Darkflames

The lich Araim Darkflames drops a black shard on his death. You'll find him behind a set of secret doors inside Irazur Tomb, located in the Great Inori.

Lich in Mausoleum

A lich hiding in the Mausoleum deep in the Deadwood drops a black shard on his death. He's located behind a secret door on the north wall.

The Undermother

The mother of all mimeks swallowed a black shard to gain her incredible power. You can kill her anytime to gain her black shard, but weakening via the quest The Prodigal Daughter makes her a lot easier. Notes: doing as The Undermother asks in the quest is the only way to gain access to the Evil Ending of the game as the other option is bugged.

Flame Prophet

The Flame Prophet is a mimek that took human form after eating a black shard. She seems committed to helping people and living in peace. Killing her will net you a black shard. See the quest The Prodigal Daughter for more details.

Golden Cove Bank

During The Snake Gang quest in Friguld, you can either either rob a bank or hunt down a criminal for the local authorities. Either way nets you a black shard. See the quest for more details.

Kurg King

Deep in Emerald Valley] lies Kurgua Cave. Inside lives the Kurg King. Defeat him to get a black shard.

Zombie Dragon

Find him in a secret room in southwest corner of Maze of Lamth (Level 2). Defeat this poisonous dragon to get a black shard.

Dorphis Greyrune

When you're walking around Icemist, Greyrun will lure you back to Greyrune Manor with the promise of information. Survive the ambush to obtain a black shard. Note: Greyrune only appears after activating the quest Shards of Fate, and he won't appear after you access the Ark. Thus, sis shard and Ruby key can be missed if you wait too long to find him.

Ancient Yeti

This powerful ape-like create is found near the stone circle on the south-west corner of White Plains. Defeat the beast to obtain a black shard.


Travel to Deepfrost Glacier, enter Desecrated Ruins and past a secret passage in the northwest corner, move to the southeast corner, defeat this named iced dragon to obtain a black shard.

Greater Demon

Go to Fögas Forest, access the Abbey of Saint Admus and go down to the Hellish Cave. Behind a secret door and a lot of flaming floors, you'll find the Greater Demon. Defeat this fiery fiend to obtain a black shard.

Any remaining Shards

The tougher Rumor Bosses have a chance to drop a black shard. Rumor Bosses appear randomly in the world once you reach the required level. What type of Rumor Boss appears and where it appears is random. On average it appears about 1 to 3 rumor bosses can spawn per hour of game-play. You can learn about any Rumor Boss in the world by buying drinks at an inn. Your gossip skill increases your chance of hearing a rumor. Note: rumor bosses can spawn without you knowing about them, making for an unexpected encounter.

  1. Lich
  2. Red Dragon
  3. White Dragon
  4. Green Dragon
  5. Great Manticore
  6. Minotaur Warlord
  7. Giant Chieftain
  8. Troll Marauder


Quest Rewards

For each Black Shard placed into the mirror:


  • 2000xp

For getting all 12 and restoring the Eye of Tol


  • 5000xp

Related Quests


Once you get 12 black shards into the mirror, no more black shards will be dropped and any existing black shards will disappear - even those in your chests or your inventory. Certain quests related to recovering black shards can still be completed, just without getting a black shard as a reward. Talking to Tremadan's image after restoring the Eye of Tol bestows The Ark of Lothasan quest, granting access to the ashen wastelands.