Whitetower (City)

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World Map: H12
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A Thuram town nestled in a harsh boreal forest.




Scroll of Recall and Gate recall to Whitetower (City)


Alchemist Mator
Name Cost Description
Potion of Light Healing 100 Gain HP 30 Will heal a total of 30hp. The taste feels worse than the wounds, though.
Potion of Lesser Shielding 100 Gain Shield 6 For 12 Seconds Will add +6 to armor for 12 seconds.
Potion of Invisibility 350 Gain Invis For 12 Seconds Makes you invisible for 12 seconds.
Potion of Resist Fire 100 Resist Fire 25 For 60 Seconds Grants a +25 bonus for 1 minute.
Potion of Resist Cold 100 Resist Cold 25 For 60 Seconds Grants a +25 bonus for 1 minute.
Potion of Death Ward 100 Resist Death 20 For 60 Seconds Grants a +20 bonus for 1 minute. The label says it protects from ghosts, but ghosts don't exist, right?
Scroll of Detection 240 Detect Can detect secrets (75%) in a 10m range.
Deepfrost Cognac 50 Recover HP/Mana 10/20 Bulky bottle of expensive imported magical liquor. It'll restore 20 mana and 10hp.
Scroll: Teleport 600 Teleportation Allows you to Recall, or to travel to any town you have visited before. It might not work if cast from large towns and other magically sealed areas.
Apprentice Pants 110   +2 HP   +3 MP 
Apprentice Hood 25  +2 MP 
Apprentice Robes 140 +1 AR    +2 HP   +4 MP 
Willow Wand 80 Ranged   DMG: Sword.png 2-5  Spd: 11   Crit: 6%
Staff of Force 140 Ranged   DMG: Sword.png 5-8  Spd: 9   Crit: 5%
Armorer Tordam
Name Cost Description
Conjurer Gloves 230 +1 AR    +2 HP   +5 MP 
Conjurer Hood 220 +1 AR    +2 HP   +5 MP 
Thuramiam Plate Gauntlets 7000 +3 AR    +2 HP   +2 MP    Cold.png 6 Holy.png 3 
Bluesteel Shortsword 1400 Light   DMG: Sword.png 3-8  Spd: 11   Crit: 6%
Bluesteel Longsword 1600 Hand   DMG: Sword.png 5-10  Spd: 10   Crit: 6%
Frost Bow 900 Ranged   DMG: Sword.png 2-6 +Cold.png 2  Spd: 11   Crit: 5%

Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this area. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectQuest Description
Decisive.png Intellect 3Woodswoman (Rosy)Swine Trouble Required for convincing Rosy to go back to Mifadis. Alternative: Personality 4
Personality 3RasmundSwine Trouble Required for convincing Rasmund to give dialogue regarding Swine Trouble. Not essential for quest progression. Alternative: Merple
Decisive.png Personality 4Woodswoman (Rosy)Swine Trouble Required for convincing Rosy to go back to Mifadis. Alternative: Intellect 3


Windrose.pngWhitetower (City)Whitetower (City).jpg
Important sites and secrets
Whitetower Town Hall
Inn: The Missing Reagent
Important NPCs and enemies
Armorer Tordam
Alchemist Mator
Brewer Tonel initiating quest Probably the Best Potion in the World
Mifadis initiating quest Swine Trouble