... and the Abyss Gazed Back

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Side Quest: ... and the Abyss Gazed Back
... and the Abyss Gazed Back.png
Starting Location
New Anthur (City)
Given By
Brother Iagus
Kill Duremas:
Iagus' Ring of LearningBlessed Platemail LeggingsDespair ♦ 1500 XP

Return The Oppalan Frontier:
200 XP

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... and the Abyss Gazed Back is a quest given to you by Brother Iagus at New Anthur (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 59 - Completable

From Brother Iagus you learn about a fallen cleric of The Three, who has gone mad and committed terrible crimes. It is suspected that he hides somewhere along the Steel Coast and you are tasked with finding him and stopping his rampage for good.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must have 25 reputation with The Three to unlock this quest.)
  2. Talk to Brother Iagus in New Anthur.
  3. Find the locked grate in Askatir Mine.
  4. Talk to Alarbus in New Anthur and receive the Ancient Steel Key.
  5. (Optional) Get the Ancient Steel Key from a chest in Askatir Mine.
  6. Gain access to the hideout of Duremas and kill him.
  7. Return to Brother Iagus.


New Anthur (City)Askatir MineAlarbusAskatir MineBrother Iagus

Detailed Walkthrough

Brother Iagus entrusts you with the search for a fallen cleric of The Three, who has obviously lost his mind and committed a number of unholy crimes. Strangly, he stole a book containing adventuring guides before leaving Ilmara. The cleric, whose name is Duremas, was last seen near the Steel Coast, so you should start looking for him there.

Duremas hides in Askatir Mine, a dangerous place for unwary adventurers. Before entering the mine, prepare yourself with high Spirit resistance to avoid getting paralyzed by the Carrion Eaters and Devourers residing within. Once inside the mine, follow the path to the north until you find a locked grate. You will need an Ancient Steel Key to open it, which can either be received by talking to Alarbus in New Anthur or by taking the southern route in the mine and fighting your way to a chest containing another key.

Once it's in your possession, go back to the grate and confront Duremas. After some chit-chat you are left with no other option than killing him, so put his evil deeds to an end. Among other things, he drops the Blessed Platemail Leggings and Despair, a nifty hammer with additional Toxic damage. At the eastern wall of his hideout (behind the stalagmites) there is a secret door, leading to a chamber which contains The Oppalan Frontier, the book Duremas had stolen.

Report back to Iagus for your reward. You can also return the book to him.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Decisive.png Intellect 2Archbishop DillaThe Hall of Wisdom Only when having returned The Oppalan Frontier to Brother Iagus: Necessary for interrogating Archbishop Dilla more deeply about the book, thus gaining 1,000 XP.
Personality 4AlarbusNew Anthur (City) Mandatory for threatening Alarbus and obtaining his Ancient Steel Key in case you claim to be sent by the King, yielding -2 reputation with New Anthur. This can be avoided by being honest to Alarbus in the first place.

Quest Rewards

Kill Duremas:



Return The Oppalan Frontier:


  • 200 XP


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  • The quest must be active before the Ancient Steel Key will actually spawn in the chest.
  • Sage Amaryl will mention that the Library in Nivarian is closed due to some strange incident involving a cleric and a lost book.
  • When doing this quest with Hirge, she will acknowledge that she was previously mentored by Duremas and you will encounter additional dialogues between Hirge and Brother Iagus; and between Hirge and Duremas.
  • By visiting the mine, getting the Ancient Steel Key from Alarbus, and going back to the mine before it reloads, you can get an undroppable duplicate Ancient Steel Key from the mine chest.