A Forest Road

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Outdoors: A Forest Road
World Map: I10
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Welcome to the Exiled Kingdoms!!!

This page deals with your very first encounters and experiences in the game and describes both the tutorial area and a walk-through of that area. The tutorial area is only accessible the first time a character is started and cannot be returned to after it is completed.

To start with go forward along the road. Here you will spot the first crate sitting along the north edge of the path, loot it and continue moving westwards. As you continue, you will soon spot your very first foe! It is a Goblin standing guard for the rest of his warband. Read the tutorial dialogue box and proceed to dispatch the enemy. From there, following the road you will run into a single goblin, a goblin next to a trap on the road, and a pair of goblins next to a crate. After clearing them and looting the crate, remembering to equip anything that might useful that has been looted from crates or bags dropped by the goblins, it is time to move onward. Shortly after moving away from that second crate you will find your first non-humanoid creature, a Grey Wolf, after facing this toothy menace who thinks you might make a tasty meal, you are free to walk down the road. You will face one more goblin on the road before spotting another person standing in the road. Approach the person, Adaon, and speak with him. There is no way to get around him without talking to him anyhow. After joining up with Adaon, move with him towards the large group of goblins and their wolf pet. Clear them, picking up any loot, there may be one more goblin past them along the route to the campsite... but once everything is clear it is getting late and it is time to sleep. Good job on completing the tutorial!




Difficulty (0...9) Enemy Level Elemental Dangers Enemy Vulnerabilities
1 1−2 Fire.png

Nonrecurring Enemies

Environmental Dangers


Fixed One-Time Loot

  • 1 crate containing:
  • 1 crate containing:
Iron Dagger

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Windrose.pngA Forest RoadA Forest Road.jpg
Important sites and secrets
Starting point
Campsite (initiating quest A Mysterious Letter and transition to Lannegar Valley)
Important NPCs and enemies