A Hard Bargainer

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
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Side Quest: A Hard Bargainer
A Hard Bargainer.png
Starting Location
City of the Ancients
Given By
Golem Trader
Upon completion:
Vial of the Iron Guardian ♦ 2,500 XP
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A Hard Bargainer is a quest given to you by Golem Trader at City of the Ancients.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 97 - Completable

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Quest Steps

  1. Talk to the Golem Trader in the City of the Ancients.
  2. Convince him to answer your questions in exchange for gold (requires Intellect 1 and 500 Gold).
  3. During conversation, find out about the Lifestone.
  4. Travel to the Gorge of the Silent Kings and kill the War Golem, thus obtaining a Lifestone.
  5. Deliver the Lifestone to the Golem Trader and collect your reward.


City of the AncientsGorge of the Silent KingsCity of the Ancients

Detailed Walkthrough

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Quest Rewards

For completing A Hard Bargainer:


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