A Key to the Past

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A Key to the Past is a quest given to you at the end of A mysterious letter.

Quest Overview

Quest Steps

  1. Receive key at the end of [[A mysterious letter)
  2. Search New Garand for the Great Library
  3. (Must complete Forgotten Lore to proceed further)
  4. Speak with Rur'azar about Tremadon
  5. Collect Minotaur horns
  6. Deliver the horns and learn more
  7. Travel to [[Northern Jabal Hills] and find the tower
  8. Gain access to the tower
  9. Speak with Trix about key
  10. Explore Flames pit for fire crystal
  11. Enter the main tower with key and crystal

Detailed Walkthrough

Make sure you ask Rur'azar to research Tremadon and not Amarisa. These are two separate quests requiring different things to be collected. Despite what he says, there is no time restraint on his completion, simply bringing the items when you have them will complete the step.

Quest Rewards

  • 2000 Xp

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