A Key to the Past

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A Key to the Past is a quest given to you at the end of A mysterious letter.

Quest Overview

Upon inspecting the body Magistrate , the inheritance letter magically reacts and reveals a hidden key. As the only remaining clue to your family's past, hopefully it can unlock more than just a door.

Quest Steps

  1. Receive key at the end of A mysterious letter.
  2. Search New Garand for the Great Library
  3. (Must complete Forgotten Lore to proceed further)
  4. Speak with Rur'azar about Tremadan
  5. Collect Minotaur horns
  6. Deliver the horns and learn more
  7. Travel to Northern Jabal Hills and find the tower
  8. Gain access to the tower
  9. Speak with Trix about key
  10. Explore The Flame Pits for fire crystal
  11. Enter the main tower with key and crystal

Detailed Walkthrough

At the conclusion of A mysterious letter, you receive an old key left to you as your inheritance. The key has no markings, and nothing telling you what the key belongs to. In order to discover the truth, you will have to do some research. The Loreseekers have the most extensive collection of books, kept at the Great Library in New Garand. To find the library, head to the western side of the city, then travel south, where the library is located on the corner. This is also where you find Anton Gerdt at the conclusion of Forgotten Lore. If you have not completed this quest, your reputation with the Loreseekers will not be high enough to allowed access to the library's information.

Once you are friendly with the faction, speak with Rur'azar, the head of the library. He will be able to research two topics for you, the key you have and the girl you met in the dungeon, Amarisa. Make sure you ask Rur'azar to research Tremadan and not Amarisa. These are two separate quests requiring different things to be collected. Upon choosing to research Tremadan, Rur'azar will say he needs two minotaur horns and the research may take a while.vDespite what he says, there is no time restraint on his completion, we simply have to collect the horns.

Minotaurs are primarily found in the Northern Jabal Hills and within the Maze of Lamth. The quickest route on foot to Jabal from New Garand is to head east into the desert, continuing northeast through Kingsbridge, the Deadwood, and the Rhoneis plains. Hunt the Minotaurs in the northwest, and enter the maze if you need more horns. With two in hand, make the trek back to the Great Library and speak again with Rur'azar.

Quest Rewards

  • 2000 Xp

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