A Key to the Past

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Main Quest: A Key to the Past
A Key to the Past.png
Starting Location
Magistrate Steinz's House
Given By
completing A Mysterious Letter
Completing the research with Rur'azar:
300 XP

Completing the research in the The Grey Library
250 XP

Retrieving the crystal:
2,000 XP

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A Key to the Past is a quest given to you by completing A Mysterious Letter at Magistrate Steinz's House.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 17 - Completable

Upon inspecting the dead body of Magistrate Odo, your inheritance letter caused a magical reaction and revealed a hidden key. As the only remaining clue to your family's past, hopefully it can unlock more than just a door.

Quest Steps

  1. Receive the key at the end of A Mysterious Letter.
  2. Discover the location of Tremadan's Tower by either:
  3. Travel to North Jabal Hills and find the tower.
  4. Gain access to the tower.
  5. Speak with Trix about the key.
  6. Explore The Flame Pits for the Crystal of Fire.
  7. Enter the main tower with key and crystal.


Magistrate Steinz's HouseThe Great Library ➔ 2 Minotaur HornsThe Great LibraryNorth Jabal HillsTower of TremadanThe Flame PitsTower of Tremadan

Detailed Walkthrough

At the conclusion of A Mysterious Letter, you learn of your grandfather, Tremadan, who was a former Arch-Mage of the Empire. You also received an old key that opens his tower. The key has no markings, and nothing telling you where the tower may be located. In order to discover more, you will have to do some research.

  • Option 1: visiting The Loreseekers, who have the most extensive collection of books, kept at the The Great Library in New Garand (City). To find the library, head to the western side of the city, then travel south, where the library is located on the corner. This is also where you find Anton Gerdt at the conclusion of Forgotten Lore. If you have not completed this quest, your reputation with the Loreseekers will not be high enough to be allowed access to the library's information.
-Once you are friendly with the faction, speak with Rur'azar, the Master Librarian. He will be able to research two topics for you, the key you have or the Forsaken and the girl you met in the dungeon, Amarisa. Make sure you ask Rur'azar to research Tremadan and not Amarisa. These are two separate quests requiring different things to be collected. Upon choosing to research Tremadan, Rur'azar will say he needs 2 Minotaur Horns as payment and the research may take a while. Despite what he says, there is no time restraint on his completion, you simply have to go collect the horns.
-Minotaurs are primarily found in the North Jabal Hills and within the Maze of Lamth. The quickest route on foot to Jabal from New Garand is to head west into the desert, continuing northwest through Kingsbridge, the Deadwood, and the Rhoneis plains. Hunt the Minotaurs in the northwest, and enter the maze if you need more horns. With two in hand, make the trek back to the Great Library and speak again with Rur'azar. He will reveal that your grandfather was a very famous mage in the Empire, though in the days before the downfall, he had become more reclusive and distant from his guildmates. It was believed he died during the Fall of the Empire, but 50 years ago, a Thurmian wizard mention an arch-mage living in a tower in the Jabal Hills.
  • Option 2: Alternatively, if you have +1 reputation with the Golden Hand you could visit The Grey Library in order to learn more about Tremadan without having to go minotaur hunting. Enter the library in the Northeast of Freetown and read the book on a bookstand in the final, southeastern room. It is a gossip magazine from many years ago that would be easily overlooked. However it makes passing remarks on Tremadan, revealing he was a very famous wizard in the empire and his sudden shift to an isolated lifestyle. One particular story shows how he offended a lady, who sent a letter in retaliation to his tower, which is located in the Jabal Hills.
  • Option 3: Your final option is to visit The Hall of Wisdom (requires +20 reputation with Ilmara and The Three) and read a book found in the main shrine room just north of Bishop Bareid. Clerics who joined The Three have an extra way in through the New Garand's Temple. This will reveal that the Arch-Mage Tremadan of Myros used to live in New Garand, but now rarely leaves his tower in the Jabal Hills.

It is time to head back to the North Jabal Hills. This time you want to explore the arid region to the south. Look closely in the southwest corner of this area, and you will see a small path you can take. This leads to the front door of Tremadan's tower. The only way to enter the tower is to have the key on hand and speak the name of your grandfather, Tremadan. Now enter the tower.

Inside, you will be greeted by Trix, a creature who apparently served your grandfather for years, and now believes you are his master. He explains that the door to the main part of the tower is sealed by powerful magic which requires the key you have to be magically charged before it will work. Since you are not as powerful a wizard as Tremadan, you will have to use a crystal to help charge the key. Currently the only crystal you can retrieve is the Flame Crystal, located in The Flame Pits beneath where you stand. You may want to have a few fire resistance potions and beef up your fire defense armor. Downstairs, head into the western door to reach the pits.

Explore where you want, but your final destination should be the western corridor. The other passages lead to minor loot guarded by Hell Hounds and Imps. Be careful using flame based weapons here as they will heal both types of monsters. Running into the flames here also hurts you, so avoid it when possible and be quick when its not. As you go west, you will have to work around a line of flames, dealing with Imp fire and Hell Hound bites. Rest up and quaff a resist potion before you head in. Here awaits Zeghast, a unique imp, and two Hell Hounds. Draw them out of the room so they do not get healed by the flames. On the corpse of Zeghast you will find the weapon Crushing Ember and the Crystal of Fire. Head back to the last room and quickly run across the fire to the chests and grab the loot. You're done here now, so head back to Trix.

Trix will take the crystal and key, and unlocks the door to the inner sanctum. Here you will find a free bed to recover and a permanent storage chest. Before you can fully explore, a Ghostly Figure will interrupt you. He is a phantom image of your grandfather and holds some of his memories. Despite his attitude, he is here to help. The Forsaken plan to open something called a Deep Gate, similar to the ones that destroyed the old empire. They require the blood of an Arch-Mage, and the only available source is you or your sister, Amarisa. Before doing more, he suggests you acquaint yourself with the tower, and join him upstairs when you are ready. You are rewarded 2,000 XP at this point.


Quest Rewards

Completing the research with Rur'azar:


  • 300 XP

Completing the research in the The Grey Library


  • 250 XP

Retrieving the crystal:


  • 2,000 XP

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