A Mad Wizard

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
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Companion Quest: A Mad Wizard
A Mad Wizard.png
Starting Location
Kingsbridge (City)
Given By
Return The Orb of Shadows:
600 XP

React brashly during first meeting:

Pay 10,000 gold:
The Orb of Shadows ♦ 400 XP

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A Mad Wizard is a quest given to you by Janod at Kingsbridge (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 33 - Completable (may adversely affect other quests)

It seems befriending Adaon, the 'former' thief, did not go unnoticed. The wizard Janod has unsettled business with him and you get stuck in the middle.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must have Adaon as a companion to unlock this quest.)
  2. Get confronted by Janod.
  3. Speak with Adaon about the orb.
  4. Search the New Garand Sewers for a fat man.
  5. Solve Butterfingers problem.
  6. Get the orb and return it to Janod.


Kingsbridge (City)New Garand SewersJanod

Detailed Walkthrough

As soon as you approach Janod with Adaon as your current companion, he will confront the thief. Be confrontational back and Janod will attack; you will fail the quest and incur severe penalties to your Thuram and Wizard's Guild reputation. Instead, show respect and beg him to forgive Adaon. It seems when Adaon stole from Janod, he took a very important magic item, The Orb of Shadows. When you ask Adaon for it back, he informs you that he pawned it to some hooded man for some gold. Janod demands you return the orb or pay him 10,000 gold in retribution. Until then, your name is garbage in Thuram and with the Wizard's Guild.

Speak with Adaon about selling the orb, and he won't be able to give you much, only that it was in the sewers with a fat, little man. Travel back to New Garand with Adaon and enter the sewers from the southwestern entrance near the keep. Fight through the groups of rats as you head north. In the northwest corner, you will find Butterfingers and his shop. Adaon confirms this is the man he traded with and that no one ever likes him. Unfortunately, Butterfingers is having an issue in his storeroom and until it is resolved, he has no way of getting the orb for you.

Listen to his story, and agree to handle the thief. In exchange, you will gain the orb. Drag Adaon into the storeroom with you, and get ready for some fun. The rogue is not in great shape, and seems to be losing control of himself when he suddenly transforms into a werebeast that hits real hard. Potion of shielding goes a long way here. Inside the dead body you can find a Silver Dagger that deals extra damage to shape shifters. Killing the beast will earn you a reputation bump with the Seventh House, and access to the orb.

Returning the orb to Janod is the final part of this journey, so head back to Kingsbridge and do so. He will again trust you, and restore your good standing within the Wizards Guild and Thuram. Once again you have a solved an issue created entirely by Adaon and his shenanigans. You can also choose to pay Janod 10,000 gold at any point in time. Do so after retrieving the orb, and you will be able to keep the orb for possible uses later.

  • Note: There is probably no known reason to keep the Orb for later use in the game. If you keep it, you will not be able to get rid of it since it has status of a quest item (i.e. it cannot be dropped or traded).


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Personality 2JanodKingsbridge (City) Required to get a discount of 2,000 Gold when paying Janod off instead of returning The Orb of Shadows.

Quest Rewards

Return The Orb of Shadows:


  • 600 XP


React brashly during first meeting:


  • Nothing


Pay 10,000 gold:



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  • If you choose to pay Janod, you can get a 2,000 gold refund by passing a Personality 2 check.
  • It is advised to first confront Janod without Adaon in order to initiate and complete a A fair deal. Otherwise the latter quest will be rendered impossible, since Janod leaves after concluding A Mad Wizard.
  • If you attack Janod, you can still restore your reputation by giving Conjurer (Icemist) 10,000 gold and The Orb of Shadows.