A Mysterious Letter

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StoryCompanionGuildSideTown Hall
Main Quest: A Mysterious Letter
A Mysterious Letter.png
Starting Location
A Forest Road
Given By
starting a new game
Claim Inheritance:
Mysterious Key ♦ 200 XP
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A Mysterious Letter is a quest given to you by starting a new game at A Forest Road.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 4 - Completable

You received a letter from a friend of a long lost relative claiming you are the sole benefactor to a large inheritance. Travel to New Garand and meet with Magistrate Odo Steinz to claim whatever it is you were left.

Quest Steps

  1. Travel until you meet Adaon.
  2. (Optional) Gather information in Lannegar.
  3. (Optional) Head to Kingsbridge to learn more.
  4. Make your way to New Garand.
  5. Ask the townspeople about where to find the magistrate.
  6. Enter the magistrate's house and claim your inheritance.


A Forest RoadNew Garand (City)Magistrate Steinz's HouseUnknown DungeonMagistrate Steinz's House

Detailed Walkthrough

The first quest you get, this is one of the main quest lines and will see you travel across much of Varsilia. Not long ago, you received word that a wealthy noble had passed away, and as his sole remaining relative, you are set to inherit everything. You must make it to the capital, New Garand, to speak with the executor of the will, Magistrate Odo Steinz. Your journey begins on a linear path in Varsilia on the way to Lannegar Valley. Follow the path, learning about combat and game play, until you meet Adaon. He is a fellow traveler, unable to make it by the group of beasts up ahead. Agree to help him and together destroy the goblins and wolf. Use Recovery if you've taken a lot of damage; don't worry it will be refreshed soon. Continue going east until Adaon suggests you make camp for the night.

When you awake, you will discover Adaon is gone, along with all your possessions. Your only recourse is to head north into town and regroup. Speak with Captain Whitewater about the thief, and receive no empathy. The town has problems of its own, and petty theft is low on the list of priorities. Aid him with his goblin problem, Goblin Hunt, and he will provide you with some information that leads you to Kingsbridge. Leave the town and travel west along the road, as it turns south and heads into Southern Bluemist River. From there, keep to the road, fighting orcs that may stray too close to you. As the road bends around an outcrop of rocks, keep heading west, past a signpost and fork heading south. The road will take you all the way into Kingsbridge. You will see a drunkard wandering around the town square. Giving him any amount of money will reveal that Adaon was also being generous, and with money he stole from you no less. Keep a level head or it will cost you some reputation. Either way, it seems New Garand is your next destination. To be safe, go back along the road instead of going through the wildlands. Head back out the east entrance and follow the road back to Southern Bluemist River and take the road south this time. Fight through some bandits and across the bridge, continuing south until you reach the farmlands. The road will lead you into town.

As you explore the large town, you will realize none of the buildings you can enter are the right one or are locked. First, you will need to find out which house he lives in from someone. The most straightforward way is to speak with the Townsman by the building past the bridge. Give him 200 gold and he will tell you the magistrate lives in a large manor on the east side of town. A free option is to have high Awareness and speak with Sir Andrew Mason about his sword, then extort the information you need by passing the check. The last way requires you finish a quest, Spicing Things Up, in favor of Fritha Rhayader. Head to Armorer Floyd's shop near the bridge and then north through the alley to a lone house against the north wall. It is recommended you save and clean up your inventory prior to entering. Knock on the door, introduce yourself, and you will be let in. If you have any companions, they will be asked to wait outside until your business is concluded. This acts as if you dismissed them, but they will rejoin you after you leave.

Inside, the man will inform you they caught a thief pretending to be you, and returns your letter. As you rest and drink with the man, he tells you more of your relative, a grandfather named Lord Myros. He was an Arch-Mage able to enchant the letter to seek out the true heir upon his death. Learn more about him and his past in the Empire. Eventually, you will come to realize all was not as it appeared and fall unconscious. Once you regain control, knock on the cell door until your noise stirs the girl in the other cell. Mention escape to fully rouse Amarisa. Answer how you want, then she will teleport you out of the cell. Incapacitate the jailer, and approach the cage with your old friend, Adaon, in it. The key to his cell is to the west, guarded by another jailer. The chest not only has the key, but also some equipment you should put on immediately.

Now you must decide Adaon's fate. Leave him in the cage to rot or open the cage and let him help you. If you leave him, he will not be available later in the game, so it is recommended to put aside any hard feelings, and release him. Let him get beaten on a lot as your meat shield for punishment. Now you must make your way out of the dungeon. Leaving the cage area to the east, dispatch the Guardian and open the door to the north, to find another Guardian next to a chest. Take the loot, equipping any armor on you or Adaon. Now travel south, (ignore the bridge north for now), taking out the guards as they get in your way. Instead of the door the west, take the bridge east to find three skeletons guarding a chest. Onward through the door, take down multiple skeletons and Guardians. At the end of the hallway, there is a chest stocked with potions. Now for the Foresaken Leader. He is alone in the room to the north. Watch out for his stab (let Adaon take the hit), and use the potions you just got to help. When he is defeated, there is only one more Guardian left until you find a chest with all your old inventory. Load down Adaon with any junk equipment. As part of the Where is Amarisa? quest, make sure you head west and check her cell, only to find she's already been taken somewhere else. Now you can finally head above ground and try to figure out what is going on. Don't worry if you are overfilled, as it is possible to return in a bit and gather up anything left behind.

Time to revisit the magistrate's house and see about this man in black calling himself the magister. Enter the house, and immediately engage with a couple of Foresaken members. Into the back room, where another member awaits. When the area is clear, search the chest for some loot, and the corpse to continue the quest. The letter in your inventory reacts to something on the dead Magistrate's body, and you receive an ancient looking key as the letter vanishes.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Awareness 1CorpseMagistrate Steinz's House Needed to obtain a hint about a missing object when not having the Inheritance Letter in your inventory while examining Odo Steinz' corpse.
Intellect 1Sir Andrew MasonNew Garand (City) Needed for getting directions to Magistrate Steinz's House before accepting the quest Where Did I Put My Sword.... You can always ask the Townsman for the same information.
Personality 1TownsmanNew Garand (City) Necessary for getting a discount when asking for directions to Magistrate Steinz's House, thus beating down the price to 50 Gold (instead of 200 Gold).

Quest Rewards

Claim Inheritance:


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