A Safe Bet

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A safe bet is a quest given to you by Therod Nom in the town of Rhoneis.

Quest Overview

Therod Nom, a nobleman from New Garand, has traveled north in hope of settling a bet. He doesn't see any harm in having someone else get the Minotaur horn needed to win the bet. Help him and receive a Lionskin cuirass.

Quest Steps

  1. (Must be Level 5 or higher before Therod will appear)
  2. Find Therod Nom in Rhoneis
  3. Travel west to the Northern Jabal Hills
  4. Hunt minotaurs in the northwest
  5. Return with horn

Detailed Walkthrough

Therod Nom is a pompous nobleman from New Garand. During a heated debate with a fellow noble over family legacies, Nom bet he could slay a Minotaur and return with its horn. Given his description of the hardships he endured to get here, it is very likely a Minotaur would make quick work of him. He instead intends on hiring someone to bring him the horn instead. While not exactly fair, you're willing to overlook the underhanded move at the promise of a Lionskin cuirass.

Minotaurs can be found in the Northern Jabal Hill, so leave town and head west to get there. As you head west, stay to the north fighting sporadic coyotes as you make your way towards the minotaurs. When you do engage one, know that they can hit quite hurt. When their health drops gets low, they enter a state of fury, making their hits even worse. Save your special moves until you can KO them with them to avoid extra damage. Four minotaurs roam around outside, with far more inside the Maze of Lamth. Eventually, one will drop a horn.

Head back to Rhoneis, to ever gracious Nom. Turns out dealing with the minotaurs is easier than dealing with this guy. Grab your cuirass and be glad you won't be seeing him any time soon. You also receive some experience for your trouble.

Quest Rewards