A Shady Traveller

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Exiled Kingdoms: NPC
Random Encounters

― A Shady Traveller

The Shady Traveller is a merchant roaming the lands of the Exiled Kingdoms, offering wares of dubious origin at reduced prices. However, some items are rather rare and not easy to find elsewhere, so this guy may sometimes come in handy. But beware of the fake merchant appearing under the same name who will try to assassinate you for your deeds against the Forsaken.




A Shady Traveller's Wares
Name Cost Description
Fire Salts 250 Looks like a worthless pile of ash, but it gleams and never gets cold.
Living Ice 250 It's creepy how this snow trembles, and doesn't melt.
Potion of Greater Healing 600 Gain HP 90 Will heal a total of 90hp. The adventurer's best friend.
Potion of Invisibility 350 Gain Invis For 12 Seconds Makes you invisible for 12 seconds.
Potion of Speed 390 Gain Speed For 12 Seconds Makes you run faster for 12 seconds.
Scroll of Recall 280 Recall Teleports you and your party to a nearby town.
Scroll of Detection 240 Detect Can detect secrets (75%) in a 10m range.
Sparkling Powder 250 Looks like a worthless pile of blue ashes, but it radiates power.
Ring of Death Ward 1000   Death.png 30  
Ring of Flames 800   Fire.png 20  
Hunter's Mark 1200 Ranged   DMG: Sword.png 2-6  Spd: 11   Crit: 5% Beast Slayer 2
Icy Greatsword 2800 2-Handed   DMG: Sword.png 5-13 +Cold.png 4  Spd: 9   Crit: 4%
Shortsword of Frost 800 Light   DMG: Sword.png 2-5 +Cold.png 2  Spd: 12   Crit: 6%
Sword of Flames 3000 Hand   DMG: Sword.png 4-8 +Fire.png 3  Spd: 10   Crit: 5%
Sword of Shock 2500 Hand   DMG: Sword.png 4-8 +Shock.png 3  Spd: 10   Crit: 6%
Winter Stone 1250 Hand   DMG: Sword.png 6-8 +Cold.png 2  Spd: 9   Crit: 4%


  • You can distinguish the real Shady Traveller from the fake merchant by reading his dialogue carefully. The real one offers "certain items of great value", while the fake one offers "certain magical items of great value".