A Web of Terror

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Side Quest: A Web of Terror
A Web of Terror.png
Starting Location
South Jabal Hills
Given By
Centurion Kanum
Defeat Lady Xidar:
2500 XP ♦ Potion of Greater HealingTiara of the HeavensBlack Shard

Defeat Tyogos:
Necklace of Charm

Defeat Surtag:

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A Web of Terror is a quest given to you by Centurion Kanum at South Jabal Hills.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 40 - Completable

The Spiders in the Jabal Hills have greatly increased in number and they are more aggressive than ever. Centurion Kanum is in charge of a small guard outpost in the area. He hopes you can help solve the problem.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Centurion Kanum.
  2. Help to defend the outpost.
  3. Explore the South Jabal Hills for the Jabal Grotto.
  4. Return to Kanum and learn of Sargon.
  5. Travel to New Garand and find the scarred vagabond.
  6. Agree to meet Sargos at the grotto.
  7. (Optional) Fight Scarred Vagabond and receive Magical Sapphire.
  8. Explore the dungeon for Lady Xidar.
  9. (Optional) Kill Surtag and Tyogos.
  10. Confront Lady Xidar in her throne room.
  11. Return to Centurion Kanum.


South Jabal HillsJabal GrottoCenturion KanumNew GarandJabal GrottoCenturion Kanum

Detailed Walkthrough

In the southwest area of the South Jabal Hills, you will find a Mercian guard outpost. The leader of the troops here is Centurion Kanum. He will tell of the increasing threat from the Spiders. Further demonstrating his worry, the outpost is abruptly attacked by a swarm of spiders. Help the guards fend off the attack. After successfully defending tha attack Kanum will tell you of a failed excursion of Legionnaires into the grotto located to the north. All of the men he sent were killed except for a sole survivor, Decurion Sargos, who was maimed and came back insane. He asks that you inspect the grotto for more information.

Jabal Grotto is reached from the Mercian outpost by traveling northeast through the hills, following the path through the narrow gap. Your goal is in the middle of the map. Continue north through the gap and head east when you are able, following the southern wall. Head through the next small gap to the south and immediately turn west into the next canyon corridor. This will take you directly to the grotto. (If you are coming back to this quest there is also an alternate route. The Grotto is reached from Jabal by leaving the southern entrance of the town. If you have already explored to the Grotto it is easy to find. If not then just head south from Jabal and follow the rock wall until you hit the entrance to the next area. Continue southeast once you are in the South Jabal Hills. You will go through two gaps in the rock wall, after the second one flip around and head west. That corridor leads straight to the Grotto.)

Upon entering, you will find your way blocked by a blue magical barrier, which you should inspect. With no means to destroy the barrier, you need to find the one man who might know more, Sargos. Kanum mentions that Sargos lost an eye, and if you've been paying attention, you might know where Sargos is located. If not, he is the Scarred Vagabond in southeast New Garand. Head to New Garand and find Sargos. He is in the northwest corner of the city on the east side of the river. It is a good idea to save before speaking with Sargos. Depending on how you respond to him, the quest can be altered heavily. You basically have two paths, trusting Sargos or getting suspicious and confrontational with him. If you trust him, he will meet you at the grotto and will eventually betray you, leaving you trapped inside the grotto until you have cleared the boss. Confront him at any point, and he will turn hostile and you will have to defeat him (a tough fight needing preparation) to gain the Magical Sapphire which will allow you to control the barrier yourself.

If you choose the hostile route, it is recommended you fight him in New Garand instead of the grotto. This allows you more space to maneuver and you can heal up again before heading to the grotto. He is Level 14 and uses warrior skills like Whirlwind and Fury. Once you reduce his health to 0 he will run away, dropping the magical gem. You can now head to the grotto, and destroy the barrier.

Upon entering the grotto, you will find Sargos waiting for you if you chose to trust him. Speak with him and he will lower the magic barrier. After passing through, he will reveal he was actually under the control of the spiders, recreate the barrier, trapping you inside. Passing a level 3 Intellect check gives you the option of stealing and destroying the magical gem, this lowers the barrier and causes Sargos to flee without trapping you in the grotto. Whether you are trapped, or lowered the barrier yourself, once inside you hear a voice, belonging to the woman you will have to kill to escape. Her chambers lie to the east, but you are better served exploring first. Lady Xidar has two minions she will summon when you confront her, forcing you to fight all three at once. If you locate and kill the minions prior to the fight, Lady Xidar will be forced to engage you by herself and the fight is much less complicated.

This is easier said than done, as the dungeon is rather large, packed with enemies, and the spiders in the center respawn very quickly. Begin by heading into the southwest corner. You are going after Surtag first because he drops an awesome sword that will help with the rest of the dungeon. Head through the hall, fighting off spiders and warriors, to your first fork. To the west is a corpse that holds poetry that starts the quest Dubious Poetry. Near the split is a secret door which holds a chest containing Beastgrinder, a unique mace. Straight ahead is Surtax's training ground. Kill the warriors, then engage Surtag. He packs a serious punch so watch your health. When he is dead you will find yourself in possession of Cruelty, a fire-laced 2h sword with great damage. Backtrack to the central area, killing any spiders that may have respawned. Now you will take on Tyogos.

The central area has a few lootable corpses and chests and two exits on the northern side. The western one only leads to empty cells and more monsters, so go to the eastern one. Follow the linear passage, kill the spiders and warriors. Tyogos is in command of three wolves he will use as cover while blasting you with spells. Let your companion grab their attention while you keep Tyogos in control. When he falls, you'll be in possession of the Necklace of Charm. Now its time for the spider queen herself.

Head back to main chamber and to the southeastern corner. More spiders and warriors to deal with until you enter door. You are now close to the end, and depending on your health, you may want to just go fight the boss. If not, to the left is a room full of monsters and two chests. Further north is the chamber room on the left. Past that is another room with some guarded loot. Outside this room is a secret door you'll want to find. Inside is an altar that contains an Ancient Tolassian Tome, used to grant an additional trait point. With all the loot gathered, heal yourself to max, and enter the throne room.

Lady Xidar will immediately engross you in conversation, erecting a magical barrier which prevents escape until she is defeated. With a level 3 Personality check you can gain access to some additional conversion options, but have to fight her nonetheless. She will try to summon her minions, Tyogos and Surtag, and will be rather surprised and enraged to find them being already dead (provided you indeed killed them beforehand). So it's only her against you (+ your companion). Defeating her rewards you with the Tiara of the Heavens, an INT boosting helm, as well as one of the Black Shards (behind her throne).

Finally, report back to Centurion Kanum.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Intellect 3SargosJabal Grotto Necessary to suspect Sargos and destroy his keystone, thus avoiding to get trapped inside Jabal Grotto. You don't have to fight Sargos in this case. Violent alternative: Personality 2.
Personality 2SargosJabal Grotto Necessary to suspect Sargos and avoid getting trapped inside Jabal Grotto. You have to fight Sargos in this case. Nonviolent alternative: Intellect 3.
Decisive.png Personality 3Lady XidarJabal Grotto Necessary to engage Lady Xidar in a conversation in which she reveals some important facts about your ancestry. This yields a bonus of 1000 XP.

Quest Rewards

Defeat Lady Xidar:


Defeat Tyogos:


Defeat Surtag:


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  • Scrolls of Recall will not work as long as the magical barrier is active. So there is no escape once you are trapped except by defeating Lady Xidar.