A Wild Mystery

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Side Quest: A Wild Mystery
A Wild Mystery.png
Starting Location
Northern Bluemist River
Given By
Kill Varannari Druid:
Amulet of WildernessSteel LongswordSmall RubySmall EmeraldScroll of DetectionScroll of Recall
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A Wild Mystery is a quest given to you by Nisor at Northern Bluemist River.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 35 - Completable

Beasts of all types have been acting strangely aggressive in the Northern Bluemist River and Rhöneis Plains. The ranger in a nearby settlement mentioned a strange band of Varannari recently. It could be worth checking out to make the area more peaceful.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must complete Hunting bugs! to unlock this quest.)
  2. Speak with Nisor in the settlement.
  3. Explore Northern Bluemist River and Rhöneis Plains for the Varannari.
  4. (Optional) Find The Undermother in Deepburrow Cave.
  5. Discover the Rhonata Cave in the Rhöneis Plains.
  6. Defeat the robed Varannari Druid.


Northern Bluemist RiverRhonata CaveVarannari Druid

Detailed Walkthrough

After completing Hunting bugs!, Sheryl will suggest you tell their ranger, Nisor, about the strange occurrence. He has never heard of anything like that happening, but has heard rumors of similar animal anomalies happening to the west as well. His only other bit of advice it that a group of Varannari were seen wandering around nearby. No one else will be of much help, so its up to you to explore the areas in question and get to the bottom of this mystery.

We will begin by exploring the Northern Bluemist River. Since we found the Mirmeks to the north, that seems a wise place to start searching. To the north of the settlement, you will see a cave entrance guarded by a few Mirmek. This is the Deepburrow Cave and it is crawling with Mirmeks. Make your way through the cave, dealing with any bugs you come across. At the back of the cave awaits a monstrous Mirmek known as The Undermother, who is the matriarch of all Mirmek and has been around long enough to lay eggs on the corpses of dragons. If you have a death wish, pick a fight with her. A better idea would be to ask her about why her children have been nesting outside. The great Undermother warned her brood about the dangers of being too close to the surface, but it seems a grey hooded figure coerced them to nest outside. Not a great help, but it was more than you had before.

Exit the cave and head west into the Rhöneis Plains. Stop by the town and speak with its inhabitants. While nothing is said about the grey hooded figure, Captain Teara has been having troubles with the Coyotes outside of town. This is the quest Coyote Hunt, which you complete as you explore the southern plains. In the south region, you will find a rock outcropping which has a small, hard to see cave entrance. Head inside the Rhonata Cave. Your final destination is the southwest corner of the cave, but depending on tour situation you can clear the cave for some decent experience and non-unique loot. When you're ready, head southwest, head through the door and confront the Varannari Druid. As a faithful servant of the Lady Xidar, there is no reasoning with him. As the fight breaks out, watch out for the Druid's fireballs as you kill his minions. Once the druid is defeated, your quest is complete. Loot his chest for your reward.


Quest Rewards

Kill Varannari Druid:


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