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Weapon: Adamantite
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Beautiful Bluesteel weaponry forged with diamonds by the great smith Stridsibum

List of Adamantite Weapons

Icon Name Class RarityCost/Val Damage Speed Crit % DPS Attribute
Weapon greatsw bl.png Adamantite Greatsword W Crafted12000/3000 Sword.png 14-24 9 4 17.5 Banishing 5
Weapon longsword2.png Adamantite Longsword W, R Crafted8000/2000 Sword.png 13-19 10 6 16.5 Banishing 4
Weapon shortsword2.png Adamantite Shortsword W, R Crafted8000/2000 Sword.png 9-14 12 6 14.3 Banishing 3