Adamantite Longsword

Adamantite Longsword
Magically imbued Blue Steel with an edge shaped of pure diamond.
― In-game text


Crafted by the immortal blacksmith Stridsibum out of 10 Small Diamonds and a Bluesteel Longsword as a reward for finding his lost hammer. The sheer beauty of the blade's appearance has been known to stop flying objects in midair and dazzle enemies.

This is a Crafted item, obtainable as a rare drop or by the player interacting with certain NPCs.



Rewarded by Quest:


Group Type Category Class Cost Value
Adamantite Hand Longsword W, R 8000 2000
Damage Speed Crit % DPS Attribute Health Armor
Sword.png 13-19 10 6% 16.5 Banishing 4