Exiled Kingdoms: NPC
A Forest Road
A Mysterious Letter; A Mad Wizard; Trial and Error

Hey gramps, long time no see. How's that cold, healed up I hope?
― Adaon

You meet the rogue Adaon on A Forest Road during the tutorial of the game. He helps you fight off a goblin attack only to rob you in your sleep. Later, you find him locked in cage deep in a dungeon. You can leave him to his fate, or recruit him as a Companion. With a wit as sharp as his blades, he makes for a colorful Companion.

Starting stats



AC: 2


Speed: 13

DPS: 8.2

Crit: 7% (9-12)



Fire.png Fire Cold.png Cold Shock.png Shock
0 0 0
Death.png Death Toxic.png Toxic Spirit.png Spirit
5 5 2


Strength.png Strength Endurance.png Endurance Agility.png Agility
0 1 2
Intellect.png Intellect Awareness.png Awareness Personality.png Personality
0 1 1




Skill Points
Stab.png Stab 2
Sneak Attack.png Sneak Attack 0
Kick.png Kick 0
Trap Master.png Trap Master 0
Archery.png Archery 0

General Skills

Skill Points
Dungeoneering.png Dungeoneering 0
Gossip.png Gossip 1

Advanced Skills

Skill Points
Assassinate.png Assassinate 0
Flurry.png Flurry 0
Massive Criticals.png Massive Criticals 0
Precision Shots.png Precision Shots 0
Precision Strikes.png Precision Strikes 0
Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire 0
  • Starts with Available Skill Points= -1 at level 3.

Character Stat Bonuses


0-2 from all physical attack 0 from all projectiles


+2 with hand weapons +1 with 2-handed weapons +3 with light weapons +2 with ranged weapons


20% chance of finding secrets

Disarm Devices

Starting 30% chance to disabling traps. Note: Adaon will only attempt to disarm a trap if he has at least one skill level of Trap Master and has at least a 65% of succeeding (including adjustments for the level difference between Adaon and the trap). You can not force him to disarm a trap.


20% chance of learning rumours

XP Bonus



Adaon is an orphan from the slums of Freeport. He was raised his uncle Bagadar who taught him to be a thief.

You first meet Adaon during the starting tutorial of the game. He helps you fight a small pack of enemies than robs you in your sleep. There is no way to refuse Adaon's help, or avoid getting robbed.

Near the conclusion of A Mysterious Letter, you'll find Adaon trapped in a cage in the Unknown Dungeon. Apparently, Adaon fell victim to the same ambush you did when he tried to fraudulently claim your inheritance. How you respond to Adaon's imprisonment greatly alters the game.

You can choose to leave Adaon to his fate. If you choose to abandon him, he disappears from the game, presumably killed by the Forsaken. This will prevent you from starting Adaon's unique quest Trial and Error.

If you choose to release Adaon from the cage, he'll help you fight your way out of the dungeon. Upon escaping the dungeon, Adaon will leave your party to take care of an unknown matter. However, Adaon can be recruited back into your party at anytime. Simply talk to him at his waiting spot, the northwest corner of New Garand, near Trader Pink. Adaon will also wait in your house(s) when he's dismissed from your party.

Note: It's advisable to save Adaon, even if you don't plan on using him as a Companion. Not only is he helpful in fighting through the Unknown Dungeon, his unique quest Trial and Error unlocks a map you can't access without him. There are also several spots in the game where Adaon can activate a trigger without you needing to pass a Trait Check. See below.

If Adaon has at least 1 level of the skil Trap Master skill, he will automatically try to disarm any trap he has 65% or more chance to succeed. He will not try to disarm traps that have lower than a 65% chance to succeed. Bear in mind traps of a higher level than him have a -3% penalty per level difference, so his chance to disarm a particular trap can be lower than his stated Disarm Devices. You can not force Adaon to attempt to disarm a trap.

Having Adaon in your party when you approach the wizard in Kingsbridge will automatically trigger the quest A Mad Wizard.


No known Faction associations





  • * Adaon can discover the coin slot in the ancient statue that triggers the quest Welcome to the House. Without Adaon, you will need to pass an Awareness 2 check.
  • Adaon can discover the switch to turn off the gas trap in Irazur Tomb. Without Adaon, you will need to pass an Awareness 2 Check to spot the switch.
  • Additional dialogue available when talking with Mallow for the first time, in Nivarian.