Alchemist Dryonos

Exiled Kingdoms: NPC
The Great Library

― Alchemist Dryonos

Alchemist Dryonos is the Item merchant for the Royal Loreseekers at New Garand (City) in The Great Library


Royal Loreseekers




Alchemist Dryonos's Wares
Name Cost Description
Scroll of Recall 280 Recall Teleports you and your party to a nearby town.
Scroll of Detection 240 Detect Can detect secrets (75%) in a 10m range.
Scroll of Lesser Wisdom 400 +XP% 7 For 2 Days Gain a +7% XP bonus for 2 Days.
Scroll: Summon Dire Wolf Summon Dire Wolf For 60s A level 7 Dire Wolf will guard you for 60 seconds.
Scroll: Circle of Restoration 1500 Heal Party 50% For Party Your whole party heals 50% of their wounds, and will wake up if unconscious.
Scroll: Turn Undead 900 Paralyze Undead For 4s/4m Paralyze for 4 seconds all undead enemies in a 4 meter radius.
Potion of Shielding 150 Gain Shield 10 For 12 Seconds Will add +10 to armor for 12 seconds.
Potion of Giant Strength 250 Gain Might 6 For 20 Seconds Will add +6 to melee attacks for 20 seconds.
Potion of Death Ward 100 Resist Death 20 For 60 Seconds Grants a +20 bonus for 1 minute. The label says it protects from ghosts, but ghosts don't exist, right?
Ring of Death Ward 1000   Death.png 30  
Ring of Ice 800   Cold.png 20  
Lesser Ring of Learning 2500   +3 HP