Altar of The Three

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Shrines can be found in locations where The Three are venerated. Voluntary donations will lead to The Three opening your mind, increasing your ability to learn and gain xp. Priests located nearby shrines also often have quests available and some occasionally provide lore and information to pilgrims seeking knowledge regarding The Three. These priests will also heal you in exchange of a donation. Mages and Clerics can pray at shrines once per day to receive level * 2 mana points.


  • Small Donation - 25 gold to heal 25 points of health.
  • Large Donation - 60 gold to heal 80 points of health.


  • A small offering of 100 Gold - 3% bonus XP for 7 days
  • A large offering of 500 Gold - 5% bonus XP for 7 days

Shrine Locations


  • The XP boost from donations will not stack with each other or with scrolls of wisdom. Instead the most recently applied will overwrite the other. However, both XP boosts will stack with Wisdom on items and Intellect bonuses.