An Easy Job

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
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Side Quest: An easy job
Starting Location
Sagar Enclave
Given By
Turn in 2 Merple:
Mystic Ring ♦ 300 XP
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An easy job is a quest given to you by Dansul at Sagar Enclave.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 30 - Completable

Dansul the wizard is missing one ingredient, Merple, he needs to complete his research. They typically grow near frozen rivers, and one happens to be a short ways north.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must be level 6 to unlock this quest.)
  2. Agree to get 2 Merple for Dansul.
  3. Head north to the snowy part of North Sagar Forest.
  4. Explore the northeast for Merple.
  5. Return for your reward.


Sagar EnclaveNorth Sagar ForestDansul

Detailed Walkthrough

As you explore the South Sagar Forest, you will come across a tower. This is the Sagar Enclave, one of the Wizard's Guild many stations through out the land. Inside, Dansul will be waiting for you. Speak to him about working for the guild and he will offer you an easy job. He needs 2 specimen of a plant known as Merple, which can be found in snowy areas near rivers not yet frozen over. Dansul informs you an area fitting this description lies just to the north, a short hike away.

Leave the tower and head north into the North Sagar Forest. Continue north, fighting off wolves until you reach the river. Follow the river towards the middle of the map to find a bridge that leads across to a snowy area. Cross the bridge and hold up. Something Dansul forgot to mention was that Merple is a favorite food of Wyvern Whelps. Consider saving and healing up before heading further east. There are four spawn points for the weed, all right next to the river. Decide whether you want to fight 2-3 whelps or just make a mad dash for the weeds and run back to the tower. Either way, hopefully two spawns are available and you won't have to come back for a second trip.

With the two samples in hand, return to Dansul. When asked about the whelps, he claims he knew you could handle it and no misleading was intended. As agreed, he rewards you with the Mystic Ring, a nice early ring for Clerics and Mages. You also gain experience and a bump in reputation with the Wizard's Guild.


Quest Rewards

Turn in 2 Merple:



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