An Initiate's End

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Side Quest: An Initiate's End
An Initiate's End.png
Starting Location
Kingsbridge (City)
Given By
Sister Arta
If Cleric:
Silvery Mace ♦ 140 XP

Blessed Necklace ♦ 140 XP

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An Initiate's End is a quest given to you by Sister Arta at Kingsbridge (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 25 - Completable

Initiate Glaydan has disappeared. Sister Arta fears he may have died returning from the Inori desert with a Silvery Mace. She believes only finishing his task will release his restless soul.

Quest Steps

  1. Find Sister Arta at the altar of The Three.
  2. Explore the woods south of Kingsbridge.
  3. Confront Initiate Glaydan and recover the Silvery Mace.
  4. Return to Sister Arta.


Kingsbridge (City)Sister Arta

Detailed Walkthrough

Sister Arta is a faithful of The Three, located near the southern exit of Kingsbridge (City). A fellow member of the church recently went on a quest to recover a rare Silvery Mace. He reported back that he had succeeded in finding the mace, and would be returning from the Inori Desert shortly. Soon after Sister Arta was visited by his restless spirit in her dreams. She believes he is still bound by his duty to return the mace, and cannot find peace in the afterlife until the quest is complete. Sister Arta implores you to take up his cause, bring the mace back, and allow Initiate Glaydan to have closure.

Since the Inori Desert is south of the city, it makes sense to begin our search by heading south. You will begin to notice more gnarly, dead looking trees to the west. Ghosts haunt these types of woods, so be prepared to take death elemental damage. Head into the trees, and work your way further south. Soon you will encounter Initiate Glaydan, and he doesn't know you're here to help. Dispatch the poor soul, and the Silvery Mace will drop. There is also a nearby corpse, either Glaydan or some other poor traveler.

With the mace safely tucked away, return to Sister Arta. She is glad Glaydan's spirit is now free and senses a presence in you worthy of The Three. If you are a Cleric, you are rewarded with the Silvery Mace to wield proudly in battle against the unholy. Other classes receive the Blessed Necklace to help ward off evil. Take your reward as well as an increase in your reputation with The Three.


Quest Rewards

If Cleric:






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