An Odd Couple

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Side Quest: An Odd Couple
An Odd Couple.png
Starting Location
Zamohr Mountains
Given By
Renda Windstrike
Kill Primzar
Ancient Tolassian Tome (Dropped)

Return Troll Doll:
Amulet of the Eyes ♦ 700 XP

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An Odd Couple is a quest given to you by Renda Windstrike at Zamohr Mountains.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 51 - Completable (can be missed)

On the eastern side of the Zamohr Mountains you will find an odd couple. Speak with them to see whether you can, or should, help.

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Renda Windstrike.
  2. Talk to Gurr, passing an Intellect 1 check or having Hirge as a companion, to get the Small Brass Key
  3. Go to Nilorth Cave, enter through the locked gate.
  4. Kill Primzar and his mad minions.
  5. Loot his chest to find the Troll Doll.
  6. Return the doll to Gurr.
  7. Choose to either fight Gurr or leave him be in the hopes he could one day cure his condition.


Zamohr MountainsGurrNilorth CaveGurr

Detailed Walkthrough

The couple is camped out on the eastern bank of the river in the Zamohr Mountains. In order to reach them, you will need to travel through the The Trollfens. The area with Gurguth Cave has another bridge on the west side that will take you to the camp. After passing through the fires, you will meet Renda Windstrike and Gurr.

If you become confrontational with Gurr or Renda Windstrike about him being a troll, both Renda and Gurr will attack you. This will end the quest before it even begins. Instead, inquire with Renda as to her story. You learn that while traveling the Fens, she was surrounded by trolls and aided by Gurr, as he too was being attacked. Gurr seems to possess a level of intelligence not normal to trolls, being able to read and understand Imperial tongue. Renda uses the fires to keep the other hostile trolls away from Gurr, and will remain as his protector until the end.

Now when you speak with Gurr, an option to try and engage him in communication will be available. While the various options produce amusing results, it is only by passing a level 1 Intellect check or having Hirge as your current companion will the answer reveal itself; Gurr is trying to tell you he is, or was, human. With this revelation, Gurr will hand you the Small Brass Key and point across the river.

If you have already explored the western side of Zamohr Mountains, you might already know where to go. If you keep moving southwest along the river, you will come to a small trail that leads to Nilorth Cave. Explore the small cave as much as you want, being wary of the Wyverns. Your ultimate goal is the large gate on the north wall of the western chamber. Here you will use the brass key to enter.

Make your way west through the door and deal with the enemies in the room. Enter the western door to encounter Primzar, guarded by the Mad Master and his Mad Monks. Apparently this wizard has the power of transmutation, which he unsuccessfully tries to cast on you. After the talk, you must wipe out everyone in what can be a difficult fight due to the number of enemies. It is possible to draw out some of the minions before triggering the dialogue by crossing through the door. Once the wizard is dead, loot the chest in the back of his room to find a Troll Doll.

Return to the camp with the doll, and speak with Gurr. He will take the doll and destroy it in the fire. Unfortunately, the curse is not entirely broken; he is still a troll, but can now speak. If you can't stomach a talking troll, you have the option of trying to destroy him, at which point you will have to fight Gurr and Renda. Or you can leave Gurr be, with the hope he and Renda may some day find a solution. You will be rewarded with the Amulet of the Eyes, an Awareness boosting necklace with decent spirit protection.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Intellect 1GurrZamohr Mountains Mandatory for obtaining the Small Brass Key from Gurr, thus advancing the quest. Alternative: Having Hirge in your party.

Quest Rewards

Kill Primzar


Return Troll Doll:


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