Ancient Verses

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Side Quest: Ancient Verses
Ancient Verses.png
Starting Location
Castle Bluerock
Given By
Turn in 2 Rubies:
200 XP

Turn in Merple:
300 XP

Turn in Demonic Skull or Head of Itharrak the Firedancer:
400 XP

Turn in Damaged Wolf Pelt:
500 XP

Kill Nightwalker:

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Ancient Verses is a quest given to you by statue at Castle Bluerock.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 54 - Completable

A strange statue is asking you riddles. Be smart, turn in whatever the cryptic messages call for, and let's see what happens.

Quest Steps

  1. Find the statue inside Castle Bluerock.
  2. Read the inscription.
  3. Solve the riddle.
  4. Return with:
    1. Ruby (2x)
    2. Merple
    3. Demonic Skull or Head of Itharrak the Firedancer
    4. Damaged Wolf Pelt
  5. Defeat a Nightwalker.


Castle BluerockRuby (2x) ➔ MerpleDemonic Skull or Head of Itharrak the FiredancerDamaged Wolf PeltNightwalker

Detailed Walkthrough

As you explore the northwest part of Castle Bluerock, you will discover a secret door on the southern wall near the main intersection. Onside this room will be a statue. Upon inspecting the statue, you will be given a number of riddles which must be solved before you can progress. In order to solve the riddles, you must bring the correct items the cryptic message calls for.

The first riddle reads: 'I wish for eyes of fire so suffering cannot blind me.'

The solution to this riddle is two Rubies. These are easiest to find in Irazur Tomb in the sarcophagi. Small rubies will not count. After delivering the rubies, you will receive the second riddle.

The second riddle reads: 'Can hope sprout and blossom in the frozen wastes of despair.'

This refers to Merple, which grow in snowy areas. Travel to the snowy part of the North Sagar Forest where there are two potential spawns. After delivering the merple, you will receive the third riddle.

The third riddle reads: 'The deepest evil shall be conquered, beheaded, then forgotten.'

There are two different items that will qualify here, a Demonic Skull or the Head of Itharrak the Firedancer. The former can be found either in The Deep Cauldron or the Abandoned Tower in the Crimson Hills. The head is unique, so it is recommended you use one of the skulls. One last riddle to go.

The fourth riddle reads: 'Pride is a holey fur coat; noble and comforting, yet the coldness will slip through.'

A Damaged Wolf Pelt is the required item this time. They are a common drop from Wolves and Coyotes. Before delivering the final item, prepare for a fight against an undead enemy.

With all the pieces received, the spirit inside the statue is freed and, after a moving speech, attacks. It is a level 12 Nightwalker, which will hit heavily with death element. Dispatch him to his final resting place and claim the Sonnet as your prize. This is a nifty dagger, any quick striking character will enjoy.


Quest Rewards

Turn in 2 Rubies:


  • 200 XP

Turn in Merple:


  • 300 XP

Turn in Demonic Skull or Head of Itharrak the Firedancer:


  • 400 XP

Turn in Damaged Wolf Pelt:


  • 500 XP

Kill Nightwalker:


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  • It is possible to collect all four items beforehand and bring them all together in one trip.