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To learn more about a specific location, tap on the area in the world map or use the links below.

Town of FögasMercian Capital of FreetownFriguldTown of JabalCity of KingsbridgeVillage of LannegarPort of New AnthurVarsilian Capital of New GarandIlmaran Capital of NivarianTown of RhöneisOutpost of SydarunAshen CapeAshen WastesCrimson HillsDeadwoodDragon CoastEastern InoriEmerald ValleyFögas ForestGolden CoveGreat InoriGreat PlainsImperial CoastIron ValleyIross HighlandsKingsbridgeLannegar ValleyMount StormeNekhar ValleyNew Anthur BayNew Garand's FarmlandsNilomar CapeNivar WetlandsNorthern Jabal HillsNorth Sagar ForestNorthern Bluemist RiverNorthern Inori DesertNorthwest Sagar ForestRhöneis PlainsSouthern Jabal HillsSouth Sagar ForestSouthern Bluemist RiverSouthern Dragon MountainsSteel CoastSydarun OasisThe TrollfensThyr RidgesWyvern MountainsWyverntail ValleyZamohr Mountains
Map of the Isle of Varannar.

For more details see the Annotated World Map w/ borders, locations, names.

For a quick overview on what is awaiting your character in the different locations, see also the Challenge Map of the Exiled Kingdoms or the Area Table. You can furthermore search for:






* New area added in the latest release.

Important Note on Respawning

Objects in most areas (enemies, chests, traps, etc.) respawn after 12 in-game hours. This means 9 real-time minutes or 540 real-time seconds, respectively. If you travel through an Outdoors area and kill monsters on your way, the corresponding timer keeps going even if you enter a Dungeon. Thus, it is common for monsters outside to have respawned once you leave the Dungeon.

Consequently, keep an eye on the in-game timer and don't idle too long. Waiting for potions or skills to reload can take a lot of time, as does the resurrection of companions. So don't let them die too often. However, no time passes while viewing your Character Sheet, effectively pausing the game.