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| Worse than [[Personality]]
| Worse than [[Personality]]
| Bonus of +1 Armor for every 3 points  
| Bonus of +1 [[Armor]] for every 3 points  
| Worse than [[Agility]]
| Worse than [[Agility]]

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Perception, ability to notice changes around you, consciously or not. It may make available new conversation options.
― In-game description

Awareness (AWA) is a trait that is useful for everyone, due to the perception, gossip, and armor bonuses.

This trait may also make available new conversation options with NPCs.

Awareness Benefits

Benefits Relationship to other Traits
Each point of AWA grants +5% chance to perception Better than Intellect
+0.5 damage/AWA point, with ranged weapons Worse than Agility
Every 2 points of AWA grant +5% chance to gossip Worse than Personality
Bonus of +1 Armor for every 3 points Worse than Agility
Extra conversation options Similar to Intellect and Personality
Awareness score In-game message
0 What was that? The world is often confusing and fuzzy around you.
1 You learned to keep your eyes and ears open. About time.
2 Sharp eyes and ears... You notice most of what happens around.
3 It's very hard to cheat you at cards. Not impossible, though.
4 Hiding something from you is almost impossible.
5 Everything is in plain sight for you.

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