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Exiled Kingdoms: Weapons

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Hand Weapon: Axe
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The ubiquitous axe. A tool that has been utilized in peace and war since the dawn of time. Simple, rugged and effective, it requires less time and material to produce than more complex weapons. Axes vary widely between minimum and maximum damage, while possessing a higher critical hit chance and average speed.

The following classes may equip this weapon: Warrior, Rogue.

Type: Hand

List of Axes

Icon Name Class RarityCost/Val Damage Speed Crit % DPS Attribute
Axe2.png Bluesteel Axe W, R Common1300/325 Sword.png 3-12 10 6 8
Axe3.png Firesplitter W, R Common2400/600 Sword.png 2-11 +Fire.png 2 10 7 9
Axe3.png Iron Axe W, R Common33/8 Sword.png 2-9 10 7 5.9
Axe2.png Lightning Axe W, R Common2400/600 Sword.png 2-11 +Shock.png 2 10 7 9
Weapon axe fire.png Magma Axe W, R Unique2900/725 Sword.png 3-12 +Fire.png 5 10 7 13.1
Wpn axe soul.png Soul Cleaver W, R Uncommon2900/725 Sword.png 3-12 +Death.png 4 10 7 12.1
Axe1.png Steel Axe W, R Common360/90 Sword.png 2-11 10 7 7