Become the Champion!

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Side Quest: Become the Champion!
Become the Champion!.png
Starting Location
Freetown (City)
Given By
Tribune Geleb
Win all the fights:
17,000 Gold (accumulative)
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A Web of Terror

Become the Champion! is a quest given to you by Tribune Geleb at Freetown (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 88 - Completable

Entertain Freetown citizens by fighting to the death.

Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Tribune Geleb near the Freetown Arena.
  2. Beat all 9 fights in the arena.


Freetown (City)Freetown ArenaFreetown (City)

Detailed Walkthrough

You can't access the arena until after A Web of Terror is completed.

As you complete A Web of Terror, Centurion Kanum informs you Decurion Sargos fled towards Freetown. Enter Freetown and talk to Tribune Geleb. He will explain the rules of the arena. You enter alone without your gear but will be provided basic equipment. If you win the fight, you will be rewarded with gold and Freetown reputation. If you lose, you die. Talk to Geleb to start each fight.

The first three fights are Cage Matches in a small iron cages with little room to move. The rest of the fights will take place in the Great Arena. The Great Arena is a sizable fighting area with three dead skeletons that can contain random loot such as potions or basic equipment.

After agreeing to a fight, you're teleported to the Ready Room of the arena. Here you'll find two chests. One contains basic armor, the other contains basic weapons. Note: All the equipment in the Ready Room disappears from your inventory when you leave the arena (See note at bottom). Once you're equipped, talk to Tribune Geleb again to be teleported to the actual fight. After surviving the fight, you'll be able to leave the arena. Make sure you pick up all your equipment and gold from the Exit Chest, including any equipment that might have falling to the ground due to a full inventory.

Starting at fight number 5, you'll have the option to try to bribe Tribune Geleb to assist in your fight. He'll charge 3000 gold to sneak you potions. The potions are added to the weapons chest in the Ready Room. Passing an INT 3 check will allow you to pay him 1500 gold for the same potions. Bribing Geleb doesn't impact your quest rewards or alter any known aspect of the quest. The number and quality of cheat potions seems to improve with harder fights.

Winning all 9 fights completes the quest. You don't have to take on all 9 fight a row. It's recommended to put off the tougher fights until your character is stronger.

Fight Descriptions

  1. Cage match with a Level 10 Winter Bear. Win 250 gold.
  2. Cage match with two Level 10 Sabercats. Win 500 gold.
  3. Cage match with Level 11 Outlaw Chief. Win 750 gold.
  4. Great Arena match with a Level 13 Decurion Deserter. Win 1000 gold, +1 Mercia Reputation.
  5. Great Arena match with pack of minotaurs consisting of 4x Level 9 Minotaur, 1x Level 11 Minotaur Lord. Win 1500 gold, +2 Mercia Reputation.
  6. Great Arena match with band of mercenaries. 3x Level 10 Outlaws (two ranged, one melee). Win 2000 gold, +3 Mercia Reputation.
  7. Great Arena match with Level 15 Hill Giant. Win 2500 gold, +4 Mercia Reputation.
  8. Great Arena match with 2x Level 11 Trolls. Win 3500 gold, +5 Mercia Reputation. (See troll note below.)
  9. Great Arena match with Level 14 Sargos the Madman. Win 5000 gold, +8 Mercia Reputation.

Troll Note: During the troll fight, the dead skeleton on floor in the NW corner of the arena holds the unique weapon Wooden Club. You can light the club on fire by interacting with the flaming Brazier near the arena exit. The wooden club becomes the unique weapon Burning Club which does fire damage. The killing blow of a troll must contain fire damage or a troll will quickly regenerate to full health.

Quest Rewards

Win all the fights:


  • 17,000 Gold (accumulative)


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  • A Web of Terror must be completed to start this quest.
  • The Hunting Bow provided in the Ready Room doesn't disappear from your inventory. You can sell it for 167 gold in Freetown.
  • Going from the Ready Room to the actual fight removes any active buffs on the player, but Summon Creatures remain.
  • You can use the Recovery skill in the Ready Room.
  • You only need to rest for 6 hours to reset the arena to start the next fight.