Black Shard

Black Shard
This is a small piece of what was once a large glass surface. You feel an enormous power within.
― In-game text


The Eye of Tol was an ancient and almighty artifact hundreds of years ago. It was a mirror that would allow the user to look into its depths and see anything and everything in the world. This tool was too powerful and so it was split up into many shards that were cast throughout the lands. Occasionally these shards and their powers were absorbed by the surrounding wildlife, creating huge beasts well above their normal strength.

This is a Limited item that can only be obtained a set amount of times.




Group Stackable Value Cost
Quest 0 0


  • After completing The Shards of Fate all Black Shards will stop spawning, any extra you possess will disappear. However quests that involve obtaining Black Shards will still be doable.