Body Development

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Body Development

Your intensive training results in higher maximum hit points.
― In-game text

Your constant adventuring and fighting has resulted in a finely-honed body primed and ready to maximize the efficiency of your trained self.


War Rog Cle Mag

This is an advanced skill, learned from: Sergeant Morg

Prerequisites: Endurance 4


Level Effect Cost Cooldown
1 Each point of Endurance grants you 1.5hp/level (Normally it is 1 per level) 1 Passive
2 Each point of Strength grants you 1hp/level (double than normal) 2 Passive
3 Each point of Endurance grants you 2hp/level (double than normal) 3 Passive

Enemies Using this Skill

Name Type Level XP Health Armor Damage DPS Resistances


  • A passive skill with cumulative benefits as higher levels are trained.
1st- bonus hp for Endurance trait points
2nd- bonus hp for both Endurance and Strength trait points
3rd- improved bonus hp for Endurance and bonus hp for Strength trait points