Bounty - Outlaw Radz Assar

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
Townhall Quest: Bounty - Outlaw Radz Assar
Starting Location
Given By
Town Halls
Complete Objective
XP based on your level and difficulty ♦ Gold based on your level

Fail Objective
Potential fine.

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Bounty - Outlaw Radz Assar is a quest given to you by Town Halls at Kingsbridge.

Quest Overview

Quest #: TH - Completable

A bounty has been placed on Outlaw Radz Assar.

Quest Steps

  1. Get quest from town hall.
  2. Locate the target.
  3. Kill target. Any companions with target and not part of the mission and can be ignored for the quest if not for your health.
  4. Return to the town where you received the quest.



Detailed Walkthrough

Known locations where this bounty has been found:

  • Kingsbridge. Start from the southern exit of the city and follow the river east till the edge of the map. The target is in a small camp in the upper area.

Known Guardians

  • Need to be added

Quest Rewards

Complete Objective


  • XP based on your level and difficulty
  • Gold based on your level


Fail Objective


  • Potential fine.


  • Loss of reputation for both the city the quest was given in and Kingsbridge.

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