Broken Crown of Tol

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Broken Crown of Tol
A god's headwear! Would make a great souvenir, if it wasn't cursed, that is.
― In-game text


A very powerful yet cursed item. Beware!

This is a Unique item, found only once.




Group Slot War Rog Cle Mag All Cost Sell Price
Head 0 0
Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistance Traits
50 Poison.png 30 Holy.png 30 Endurance.png 2


  • While in your possession the Crown will deal 12 death damage every 3 seconds. This damage ends if and when you complete The Dead God quest. This damage can be reduced via death resistance, but is extremely difficult to have a death resistance rating high enough to completely nullify this damage.
  • Be careful. This items creates a rare case where there are no 'safe' spots. Even in the cities that you consider a safe haven, the crown will keep damaging you again and again and again.