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|Notes=* Taking the oath and joining the [[Warrior's Guild]] nets you +10 in reputation with the guild.
|Notes=* Taking the oath and joining the [[Warrior's Guild]] nets you +10 in reputation with the guild.
* passing a [[Personality]] 2 check with [[Sergeant Daukar]] will grant you +2 rep with the guild

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
StoryCompanionGuildSideTown Hall
Guild Quest: Bullfighting
Starting Location
New Garand (City)
Given By
Sergeant Daukar
Defeat Minotaurs:
Ability to join Warrior's GuildSteel Shield ♦ 500 gold ♦ 500 XP
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Bullfighting is a quest given to you by Sergeant Daukar at New Garand (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 47 - Completable

The Imperial Road is vital to the trade in Varsilia. Guarded as it is, a band of minotaurs has found its way south and is now terrorizing travelers on the road. Even more disturbing, one of them appears to wield magic.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must have access to the Warrior's Guild.)
  2. Speak with Sergeant Daukar.
  3. Travel to the Imperial Coast.
  4. Locate the raider band and destroy them.
  5. Return to the guild.


New Garand (City)Imperial CoastSergeant Daukar

Detailed Walkthrough

Once you have spoken with Bouncer Tilgar and are allowed into the inner training grounds of the Warrior's Guild, you will find Sergeant Duakar, the head of the guild in the back corner. Tell her you are here for duty or training and she will offer you a job to help the guild. She has been investigating recent attacks on the Imperial Road and now needs someone to take care of the threat. Even though minotaurs are typically only found in the northern regions, a band of raiders has made their way south. They are attacking travellers and unfortunately the guards sent to dispatch them were no match. It seems one of the minotaurs is able to wield magic and was able to make quick work of the squad. With the rest of guild either busy or recovering, Duakar hopes you can handle the situation and return with good news.

Leave town heading southeast then head east out of the farmlands and into the Imperial Coast. Locate and follow the main trail, dealing with any wolves or bandits that may interfere with your journey. Follow the trail north and east until you cross a bridge. The band of raiders, consisting of two Minotaur Raiders and one Minotaur Oracle roam around here. Like regular Minotaurs, these will enter a state of fury when low on health so be ready with a strong skill to avoid excess damage. Once all three are dead head back to the guild.

Upon your return, Sergeant Daukar will thank you for your gallantry, and you will be provided a chance to join the Warrior's Guild. This is one of the guilds you may join, but you can only join one and it's a lifetime membership, so choose wisely. The guild is obviously best suited for those playing the Warrior class. Regardless of your choice, you are still rewarded with a Steel Shield, experience, and reputation.

Quest Rewards

Defeat Minotaurs:



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