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|Notes=You must have [[Grissenda]] as your companion in order to progress through this quest: i.e. receive the quest, Gain entrance to [[Castle Storme]], etc.
|Notes=You must have [[Grissenda]] as your companion in order to receive this quest and gain access to [[Castle Storme]].

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Exiled Kingdoms: Quests
StoryCompanionGuildSideTown Hall
Companion Quest: Call of the Blood
Call of the Blood.png
Starting Location
Random Encounter in Varsilia
Given By
Save Eirenda
Grissenda becomes capable of learning Advanced Skills ♦ Grissenda gains 3 trait points and 3 skill points ♦ Maul of DiseaseScimitar of the WolfAncient Tolassian Tome
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Call of the Blood is a quest given to you by Messenger at Random Encounter in Varsilia.

Quest Overview

Quest #: 89 - Completable

Description needed...

Quest Steps

  1. Receive quest from Messenger while traveling the roads with Grissenda
  2. Travel to Castle Storme in Mount Storme
  3. Speak to Captain Fendrick for access to the castle from the court yard. (Won't be able to leave until quest is complete)
  4. Speak with Dobros Storme
    1. (Optional) Speak with Radia
    2. (Optional) Speak with Andrys Storme
  5. Sleep for the night (different options, I chose pretend sleep to watch for assassin's)
  6. Will wake to assassin's, and all guards will be hostile.
    1. (Optional) Speak to Radia
    2. (Optional) Kill Andrys Storme
  7. Kill Captain Fendrick
  8. Past graveyard and The Executioner is a hidden door that leads to the Temple of Blood
    1. (Optional) Read book in room to the Northeast
  9. All Vampires will be invulnerable until 3 fountains are cleaned with fresh water (Requires INT 3 or reading the book)
  10. Once 3 Fountains cleansed you can defeat the Vampire Elder and Dobros Storme
  11. Save Grissendas sister Eirenda to exit the dungeon and complete the quest


Random Encounter in Varsilia ➔ Castle StormeTemple of BloodMount Storme

Detailed Walkthrough

A random encounter with Messenger with Grissenda as your companion will reveal that Grissenda's sister, Eirenda, is married to Baron Dobros Storme and requested her presence at Castle Storme. At Castle Storme, you will be let into the courtyard. This is your last chance to leave.

Talk to Captain Fendrick, who will let you in. Walk through the castle and talk to Dobros Storme, who will let you sleep. Here you have three options:

  1. Decline his hospitality, causing all guards to become immediately aggressive (Best option--no spawns)
  2. Accept, but fake sleeping, which will spawn 5 hostile guards around you
  3. Accept and sleep, healing you fully but dealing extra damage (Only use if you NEED to sleep)

In a room to the North, you can optionally fight Andrys Storme. He will spawn two Skeletal Champions and a Death Knight and seal the exit, trapping you in. He will drop nothing, so only kill him if you are well prepared and can spare the health.

In a room to the South, you will find Radia dead, who will give a vague clue about how to stop the vampires.

In a room to the Northeast, you will have to fight Captain Fendrick to get bye. He will spawn a poisonous cloud, much like Ancient Mummy. He will drop Maul of Disease, with Slow 1, which will be very useful later on.

The yard in the back is full of Beheaded One, weak enemies that will constantly respawn at a very fast pace. You cannot fight your way through them all, so you will have to sprint past. To the Northwest, there is a secret door that leads to Temple of Blood. Potion of Speed will help with this. Additionally, a corpse to the northeast has two Scroll: Turn Undead and Scroll of Detection.

You can optionally kill The Executioner for rumor boss loot, but this will be a tough fight as you will get swarmed quickly.

Once in the Temple of Blood, you will need to cleanse 3 Fountains. You must have either Intellect 3, or read a book to the Northeast. The book will reveal that you need to clean the fountains with water.

All Vampires are immortal until you clean the fountains. You have to run to each fountain and clean it while gaining a massive following of undead enemies. Potions of Speed are again helpful here; you can also wait until you're swarmed, use Scroll: Turn Undead, and sneak away. There are four secret doors that connect two passages, which may make getting to the fountains easier, but you might not have time to find them.

Once the fountains are clear, go to the middle room, which contains two Vampires, a few undead enemies, Dobros Storme, and Vampire Elder. You can lure the initial monsters separately, but you must fight Dobros Storme and Vampire Elder together. If you still have a Scroll: Turn Undead, you can stun Vampire Elder and pull Dobros Storme away. The cage with Eirenda will unlock once both are dead. Dobros Storme will drop Scimitar of the Wolf, and Vampire Elder will drop Ancient Tolassian Tome and rumor boss loot.

Talk to Eirenda, who will teleport you back to the entrance of Castle Storme. Talk to her again and Grissenda will gain 3 trait points and 3 skill points.

Note: Completed on hard as a level 17 cleric by using 20,000 gold worth of consumables.

Quest Rewards

Save Eirenda


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You must have Grissenda as your companion in order to receive this quest and gain access to Castle Storme.