Character Sheet

The character sheet provides all relevant information on your character or its companions, like current condition, abilities, equipment, etc.

Character sheet.png

General Information

Character sheet (General info).png
  • Character name & class
  • Current character Level
  • Experience Points (XP) - The yellow bar indicates the progress towards the next Level.
  • Hit points (HP) - The red bar represents your general health. If it reaches zero, you die.
  • Mana points (MP) - The blue bar represents your remaining pool of mana for using special abilities. It is available for Cleric and Mage class only.


Character sheet (Traits).png
  • Traits button - Opens a dialogue which allows you to manage your Traits by distributing available trait points (indicated in parenthesis).
  • The list below the button gives a quick overview on the effective trait values. Numbers in green indicate that this specific trait is augmented (e.g. because of wearing special equipment).

Basic Character Stats

Character sheet (Attack stats).png
  • Attack Stats - are basically defined by the weapon currently equipped and modified by certain Traits and Skills.
    • Damage - The range of nominal damage dealt to enemies. The effective damage depends on the armor of your opponent and is usually smaller.
    • Speed - Indicates the number of possible attacks within a 10s interval.
    • Critical - The chance for dealing a critical hit. The nominal critical damage is indicated in parenthesis.
    • DPS - The average damage per second, calculated from the three values above.
    • Effect - If the weapon currently equipped provides some special ability, it is indicated here.
Character sheet (Armor).png
  • Armor - is the sum of all Armor points provided by the equipment currently worn.
Character sheet (Resistances).png
  • Resistances - represent your ability to withstand certain elemental attacks.
    • Fire.png - Resistance against Fire
    • Cold.png - Resistance against Cold
    • Shock.png - Resistance against Shock
    • Death.png - Resistance against Death
    • Poison.png - Resistance against Poison
    • Holy.png - Spirit resistance
    • More information on resistances and how they derive from the displayed values can be found here.

Detailed Character and Game Stats

Character sheet (Details).png

Details button - Opens an info box which shows more detailed information on derived character stats as well as general game statistics.

  • Character Stats
    • Armor - The actual amount of damage reduction from physical (i.e. non-elemental) attacks, derived from your Armor value. If you have Traits or Skills which provide additional protection from ranged attacks, it is also indicated here.
    • Damage Bonus - The damage added to the base attack value of your weapon, depending on the type of weapon. Note that each weapon without a special attribute (2-Handed, Light, Ranged) is considered a hand weapon.
    • Perception - The base chance of finding secret doors and traps. The actual chance depends on the level difference between your character and the specific door/trap, with a ±3% bonus/malus per level difference.
    • Disarm Devices - The base chance of successfully disabling traps once they have been discovered. The actual chance depends on the level difference between your character and the specific trap, with a ±3% bonus/malus per level difference.
    • Gossip - The chance of learning rumours in taverns, especially important for Town Hall Quests and Rumour Bosses.
    • XP Bonus - If some experience boosting effect is active, it is indicated here. Note that XP bonuses from shrines and scrolls do not stack. Only the last one will be active.
  • Game Stats - count basically everything which can be counted and are rather self-explanatory.