Your attacks are a deadly flurry of slashes. If your attack can hit more than one enemy in front of you, you will hit them all, not just the closest.
― In-game text

This is a Passive Skill that applies automatically when you are fighting with hand weapons or two-handed weapons.


War Rog Cle Mag


Level Effect Cost
1 You hit one enemy normally, and one extra enemies for 50% damage 1
2 You hit one enemy normally, and two extra enemies for 60% damage 2
3 You hit one enemy normally, and three extra enemies for 75% damage 3


While the melee attacks of Clerics and Rogues can only hit one enemy at a time, a Warrior with Cleave can hit multiple enemies at once. If you are strong enough and are resilient enough, you can just stand there and pummel your enemies. The downside to Cleave is that since it allows you to mindlessly go into attack mode without being concerned with targeting a specific enemy,it can create a bit of a blind spot in situations where more strategic fighting is needed.