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{{Quote|In-game text|Powerful war-priests blessed by The Three. Formidable against undead.}}
{{Quote|In-game text|Powerful war-priests blessed by The Three. Formidable against undead.}}

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Powerful war-priests blessed by The Three. Formidable against undead.
― In-game text

Those chosen by The Three as their priests are powerful individuals. No one knows why, but when some children are born, the Gods smile upon them, granting them strange powers over life and death. They can heal, cast protective magic, or smite their enemies with flames. In particular, they're very powerful against the undead. Many of them decide to dedicate their lives to serve The Three and help those in need, but others choose more selfish ways, and live as adventurers or mercenaries. Luckily for them, The Three don't seem to mind.

Cleric Basics

 Health at level 1: 35hp
 Mana at level 1: 12mp
 Health bonus/level: +5
 Mana bonus/level: +2
 Other advantages or drawbacks:
 Clerics may lose their powers if they defy The Three

Usable Equipment

Clerics can wear almost any armor, provided it isn't a heavy armor such as plate mail or class specific. A Cleric's weapon choice is also limited, their armamant consisting of light weapons such as daggers, and blunt weapons such as maces and mauls. Clerics have the least flexibility regarding armament, causing them to not be as strong of an offensive play style chracter compared to Rogues and Warriors. Clerics have more of a balance between offensive and defensive equipment than other classes.

See Weapon Table and Armor Table.


Cleric Skills

Name Effects Points Cooldown Mana Description
Link=Arbeno's Might Arbeno's Might You do +3/+5/+8 damage, and +4 fire damage, for 8/9/10 seconds. 1/2/3 15/15/15 3/4/5 The power of Arbenos the Warrior envelopes you, in the form of sacred flames. You will do more damage, both normal and fire based.
Link=Crusader Crusader Your hits have a 2%/4%/5% stun chance. Against undead, +2/+3/+4 damage 1/2/2 You have received training as a warrior priest. You know the most efficient ways to combat the undead.
Link=Heal Wounds Heal Wounds Heals a total of 30/75/125 HP 1/2/3 10/10/10 6/12/8 Heals instantly a certain amount of life, even during combat. It heals you first until you are fully healed; any remaining healing goes to other party members.
Link=Holy Shield Holy Shield Gain +4/+6/+8/+10 armor and +25/+40/+65/+80 resistance vs Death, for 6 seconds 1/2/2/2 12/12/11/10 4/5/6/6 Divine Power protects you from harm, and from Death Magic.
Link=Intervention Intervention You are healed for 2/4/8 HP for each mana point you had left 1/1/1 In your hour of most need, the Gods intercede to save your life. When you are injured down to death, all your remaining mana is spent, and you are healed.
Link=Nivaria's Barrier Nivaria's Barrier Gain +1/+2/+3 armor, an extra +1/+2/+3 vs undead attacks. 1/1/2 The mystical power of Nivaria protects you permanently from harm, and in particular from the undead.
Link=Sacred Fire Sacred Fire Flames deal 10/18/30 damage, and additional +6/+10/+12 damage to undead 1/2/2 8/7/6 3/6/8 A surge of purifying flames erupts 2 meters ahead of you, consuming your enemies. It deals extra damage to undead.
Link=Thelume's Wisdom Thelume's Wisdom 75%/95% chance of detecting hidden items in a 10m/20m radius. You'll also know about undiscovered doors in the area. 1/1 30/30 3/5 You are inspired by the revelations of Thelume. You can detect hidden things, and see through illusions.

General Skills

Name Effects Points Description
Link=Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Gain a +10%/+18%/+25% bonus to find traps and secret doors. 1/1/1 You are an expert in dungeon exploration, and can find more easily hidden traps or secret doors
Link=Extra Recovery Extra Recovery Gain +1/+2 recovery/day 3/5 You gain extra uses of the recovery button per day.
Link=Gossip Gossip Gain a +5%/+10%/+15% bonus to learn rumors. 1/1/1 You know how to be friendly enough to listen to local news and legends

Advanced Cleric Skills

These advanced skills must be learned from a skilled trainer.

Name Effects Points Reqs Description
Link=Duel Duel Damage increments by +1/+2/+2 per hit, up to a maximum of +4/+6/+10 1/2/3 PER 2 If you hit twice the same enemy, you gain bonus damage, which keeps increasing with each new hit. The effect ends if you hit a different enemy, or you abandon combat.
Link=Heavyhand Heavyhand Gain +1/+3/+5 extra damage per attack 1/2/3 STR 4 Extensive training makes you put more might behind every blow. Your melee attacks cause additional damage.
Link=Massive Criticals Massive Criticals Criticals do up to 200%/250%/300% of max weapon damage, 10%/25%/50% chance to kill weaker enemies. 1/2/3 STR 3 Your critical hits go beyond the usual 150% max damage, with a chance to insta-kill enemies 2 levels below yours (some are inmune)
Link=Precision Strikes Precision Strikes Increase weapon's base critical chance by 50%/100%/150% 1/2/3 INT 1, AWA 1 Your critical chance with melee weapons is increased.

Skill Icons

(all except Thelume's wisdom)

(Thelume's wisdom)