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Companions are characters whom you invite to join you on your journey through the Exiled Kingdoms. Upon joining, your companion will follow you in your travels and assist you in attacking enemies. There are four types of companions: main, hired, summoned and quest.

Main companions

Main companions are those that the player gets access to as a result of story or quest development. They do not die in battle but merely fall unconscious until all enemies around them have been defeated – at which point the companion regains consciousness and a small portion of their health, and begins to follow you again. As they journey with you they will gain experience and level up but you will gain 20% less experience as a result of their assistance. As well as being a helping hand, you can also equip your companion with weapons and armor to improve their damage, skills and their ability to survive. Potions, equipment and scrolls can be applied to companions (within the limits imposed by the class of the companion). Currently, there is no way to train a companion's Advanced Skills.

Unlike the player, main companions only receive one skill point and one stat point when levelling up – so use the skills wisely (although there are NPCs who will offer to reallocate your companion's skills). You can only have one main companion follow you at a time. Pressing the Extra Recovery skill will restore the companion's health completely (as it does for the player). If a companion is lost or left behind they will reappear when the player moves from one map to another. If a player has acquired their own house in New Garand dismissed companions will return to that house (in addition to the location in which they originally resided).

There are three characters who can become main companions:

Once a main companion has been acquired the player can control the basic actions of that companion. For example a companion can be made to wait somewhere (for a limited time), or asked to return to their home base or town. Once released, a companion can be made to rejoin the player by speaking directly to them at the place they reside.

To assist with strategy in various situations, main companions can be given orders to behave in a certain way. For example the following demonstrates the options available to control a companion during upcoming battles:

Battle Orders for the companion Grissenda

Hired companions

Hired companions are those who will join the player for a limited time and for an arranged fee. Such companions are encountered in most towns and sometimes as a player travels between towns. The following shows a typical interaction needed to acquire a hired companion (although the fee can vary greatly):

The procedure for getting help from a hired companion.

Unlike main companions, hired companions will permanently die in battle (when their hit points reach zero). Hired companions cannot be given battle orders so they will simply follow the player and assist in battles as encountered. A hired companion can be acquired while the player already has a main companion.

Summoned companions

Summoned companions are those which the player calls into existence via the use of magic scrolls. Such companions will assist the player during battles until they are either killed or a certain time has elapsed.
The following are the summoned companions:

Quest companions

Quest companions are companions that join follow you during certain quests. They are different from allies you fight besides in quests because they follow you freely, fight beside you and can respawn once killed. They act similar to Main Companions but are temporary and have less options for combat (instructions on when to attack/stay put). Quest companions can be used in conjunction with main companions and summoned companions. The following are quest companions: