Coyote Hunt

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Side Quest: Coyote Hunt
Coyote Hunt.png
Starting Location
Rhöneis (City)
Given By
Captain Teara
Take the reward:
Choice of: Steel Longsword | Small Emerald ♦ 240 XP

Refuse the reward:
Potion of Lesser Shielding ♦ 240 XP

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Coyote Hunt is a quest given to you by Captain Teara at Rhöneis (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 12 - Completable

Rhöneis has been experiencing problems with a pack of wild, overly aggressive coyotes. The guard captain asks you to kill 10 to thin their numbers.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Captain Teara about their coyote problem.
  2. Eliminate 10 Coyotes.
  3. Return for the reward.


Rhöneis (City)Captain Teara

Detailed Walkthrough

In the town of Rhöneis, they observe the teaching of The Three devoutly. Though one of their tenants is to not harm animals, the guard captain, Teara, is convinced a pack of wild coyotes presents enough of an evil threat that they must be dealt with. She promises a reward if you manage to kill of 10 of these foul beasts.

Head south out of town into the wildlands. It is only a matter time before you have faced 10 coyotes. They are slightly stronger than the wolves you have been dealing with, so be careful. Try not to get surrounded or you can go down quickly.

Back in town, Captain Teara is grateful for your deeds. She offers you a choice of a steel longsword or small emerald. You can also decide to refuse the reward all together. Teara respects this so much she still gives you a Potion of Lesser Shielding.


Quest Rewards

Take the reward:



Refuse the reward:



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  • When speaking with Captain Teara for the first time, heed Rhöneisan customs by respecting The Three and bowing to gain +3 of Rhöneis reputation.