Crown of Galade

Crown of Galade
Worn by the ancient rulers of the Minotaur Kingdom.
― In-game text


Lost long ago when a star fell from the night skies and ravaged the mighty Minotaur Kingdom. The surviving king hopes finding this crown will restore some of their former glory.

This is a Unique item, found only once.




Group Slot War Rog Cle Mag All Cost Sell Price
Head 0 0
Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistance Traits
2 25 Detection 2 Intellect.png 2


This is the only item in the game that offers +2 intellect and can be worn by non-mages, but you will surrender this item permanently if you complete the Lost Kingdom quest by returning the crown. (Of course, if you don't return this crown, you won't get a choice of the rewards that are offered for its return.)