Dark Matters

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Dark Matters is a quest given to you by Brother Gabriel in the town of New Grand (City).

Quest Overview

There is an evil darkness growing underneath the cemetery in New Garand. Brother Gabriel asks that you exercise this foul presence for the safety of humanity.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Brother Gabriel
  2. Head down into the Nayau Tomb
  3. Reach the northern section
  4. Defeat
  5. Smash the jar on the altar
  6. Inform Gabriel peace is restored

Detailed Walkthrough

Brother Gabriel is the local priest of the Three in New Garand. You can find him by his small altar in the southeastern part of the city. He is aware of the growing number of undead coming out of the tomb, but is far more wary of a darker presence he feels deeper inside the tomb. He beseeches you to steel yourself and attempt to eliminate the evil.

Quest Rewards

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  • Asking Brother Gabriel about his altar and listening to all of his story will result in a gain of 80 experience.