Defending the Outpost

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Guild Quest: Defending the Outpost
Defending the Outpost.png
Starting Location
The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian)
Given By
Sergeant Morg
Speak to Sergeant Morg after defeating Ahroun, the werewolf leader.
The ability to learn Infantry Training and Body Development (if you are not already a member of the guild).

Have all the soldiers survive the assault
2500 XP ♦ 3000 GoldPotion of Shielding x2

Have some of the soldiers survive the assault
1500 XP ♦ 3000 Gold

Have none of the soldiers survive the assault
1000 XP ♦ 1500 Gold

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Defending the Outpost is a quest given to you by Sergeant Morg at The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 76 - Completable

An outpost is under attack in the Iross Highlands. They require reinforcements immediately and can't wait for new recruits to complete training. Your help is desperately needed.

Quest Steps

  1. Access to the Warrior's Guild is required to start this quest.
  2. Speak to Sergeant Morg in The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian).
  3. Travel to Iross Highlands and head to the outpost on the north edge of the map.
  4. Speak to outpost leader Xerla.
  5. Optional (but recommended): Get 3 silver longswords for the outpost defenders
  6. Optional (but recommended): Speak to Xerla and give the silver longswords to the group.
  7. Choose to wait with the outpost defenders.
  8. Defeat pack leader Ahroun.
  9. Return to the The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian) and speak to Sergeant Morg to collect your reward.


The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian)Iross HighlandsThe Warrior's Guild (Nivarian)

Detailed Walkthrough

Start the quest by speaking to Sergeant Morg in the The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian). When asked about training opportunities he will reveal that he can only train members of the Warrior's Guild as he's busy training reinforcements for an outpost in the Iross Highlands. Volunteer to help out and the quest will begin.

Travel to Iross Highlands and find the camp on the north edge of the map. Note: The area is the considerably safer during the day when fewer Werewolves spawn. Equipping silver weapons is advisable as werewolves take significantly reduced damage from non-silver weapons. Werewolves take full damage from fire spells and spirit damage.

At the outpost, speak to outpost leader Xerla and she will say she was expecting reinforcements as the outpost is under threat of imminent attack. You are presented with several dialogue options, ranging from immediately waiting for the attack. to discussing the nature of the threat. If you choose to wait, you will immediately trigger the werewolf attack. Conversely, if choose to discuss the situation, you can pass an Intellect 1 check to discuss using silver weapons.

Volunteering to bring 3 Silver Longswords back to the outpost will give you the opportunity to retrieve weapons for the group. Passing a Personality 2 check will result in Xerla giving you 2000 gold to help purchase the weapons.

Note: If you have 3 silver longswords in your inventory when you first talk to Xerla her dialogue jumps to the option to give the weapons to the defenders. This will cause you to skip the chance to get the 2000 gold from her, or the silver longsword from Morg. Silver longswords in your Bag of Holding won't trigger this reaction.

There are several ways to obtain the required silver longswords. You can buy them at Fögas (City) for 1000 gold each, you can use silver longswords you've found in the world, or you can buy one from Sergeant Morg for 300 gold. If you pass a Personality 2 check, Sergeant Morg will give you his for free.

Note: One silver longsword is a fixed drop from a corpse in Great Plains, and one is found in a sarcophagus inside Gurguth Cave, and sometimes the traveling armor will sell the weapon.

Once you have 3 silver longswords, return to the outpost. You can choose to give the weapons to the defenders (recommended) and than wait for the attack, or you can choose to wait without giving them the defenders the weapons.

Choosing to wait at the outpost triggers the werewolf attack. Several werewolves will attack the outpost while pack leader Ahroun watches from just west of the outpost. New werewolves will keep spawning until you kill Ahroun.

Note: You can tell your Companion to "wait here" just west of the Outpost before talking to Xerla. When the werewolves spawn, your Companion will immediately start attacking Ahroun. This can be useful to avoid your Companion from targeting the wrong werewolf.

If you chose to equip the defenders with silver longswords, the defenders will stay alive for about 2 minutes before they start to get killed. Without silver longswords, they start to die after about 15-20 seconds.

After Ahroun is slain, all the werewolves instantly retreat, and victory is yours. Return to the The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian) and speak to Sergeant Morg to collect your reward. Your reward is based on the number of defenders that survived the attack.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Decisive.png Intellect 1XerlaIross Highlands Necessary for gaining the opportunity to equip the outpost defenders with silver weapons, thus highly increasing their survival chances during the werewolf attack.
Personality 2XerlaIross Highlands Required for persuading Xerla to give you 2,000 Gold as a compensation for the silver weapons. Note: Only available after passing a preceding Personality 1 check.
Personality 2Sergeant MorgThe Warrior's Guild (Nivarian) Needed for obtaining one Silver Longsword for free from Sergeant Morg. Otherwise you have to pay 300 Gold. Note: Only available after passing a preceding Intellect 1 check with Xerla.

Quest Rewards

Speak to Sergeant Morg after defeating Ahroun, the werewolf leader.


Have all the soldiers survive the assault



Have some of the soldiers survive the assault



Have none of the soldiers survive the assault


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  • Any silver longswords given to the outpost defenders are lost for good. They are not returned after the attack.