Defending the Outpost

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Guild Quest: Defending the Outpost
Defending the Outpost.png
Starting Location
The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian)
Given By
Sergeant Morg
Speak to Sergeant Morg after defeating Ahroun, the werewolf leader.
The ability to learn Infantry Training and Body Development

Have all the soldiers survive the assault
2500 XP ♦ 3000 GoldPotion of Shielding x2

Have some of the soldiers survive the assault
1500 XP ♦ 3000 Gold

Have none of the soldiers survive the assault
1000 XP ♦ 1500 Gold

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Defending the Outpost is a quest given to you by Sergeant Morg at The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 76 - Completable

A group of warrior's have been commissioned a task to watch over the Iross Highlands. However they have come under heavy attack and require reinforcements immediately. Desperate and stretched for resources, you will have to help out.

Quest Steps

  1. You require access to the Warrior's Guild.
  2. Speak to Sergeant Morg in The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian).
  3. Enter Iross Highlands and head north to the camp besides the mountains.
  4. Speak to Xerla.
  5. (Optional) Pass an Intellect 1 check and agree to arm the group with Silver Longswords (Can bring them beforehand).
  6. (Optional) Pass a Personality 2 check and receive 2000 Gold (doesn't have to be spent on Silver Longswords).
  7. (Optional) Travel to Fögas (City) and purchase the 3 Silver Longswords for 1000 Gold each.
  8. (Optional) Speak to Xerla and give the longswords to the group.
  9. Choose to camp with them for a few hours.
  10. When attacked, head west of the camp and defeat Ahroun, the werewolf leader. This will end the assault.
  11. If you gave the men Silver Longswords you will have around 2 minutes to kill the Werewolf Leader before people start dieing. If not you only have around 15-20 seconds.
  12. Return to the The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian) and speak to Sergeant Morg. You will be rewarded based on how many soldiers survived the attack.


The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian)Iross HighlandsThe Warrior's Guild (Nivarian)

Detailed Walkthrough

  • Start the quest by speaking to Sergeant Morg in the The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian). When asked about training opportunities he will reveal that he can only train member's of the Warrior's Guild as he needs to train reinforcements for a group in the Iross Highlands. Volunteer to help out and the quest will begin.
  • Travel to Iross Highlands, preferably during the day when less Werewolves are around, and find the camp against the northern mountains. It is highly recommended to bring a silver weapon for yourself.
  • Speak to Xerla and she will reveal the extent of her issues, and that she was expecting reinforcements of 6 warriors as well as builders to construct a stronger fort. Here you can immediately choose to camp with them for a few hours, immediately beginning the assault. However it is recommended to discuss the monsters they are facing. She will reveal that they are facing werewolves and her men are having difficulty harming them. She worries that a werewolf leader is gathering a group to assault the camp.
  • Pass an Intellect 1 check and suggest that her issues might be due to not using silver weapons. She will confirm that her men are using regular swords. Volunteer to bring 3 Silver Longswords. Here you can ask for help purchasing the expensive swords by passing a Personality 2 check. She will contribute 2000 Gold, meaning you must pay 1000 of your own if you wish to. It is always an option to keep the gold for yourself, at no loss to reputation.
  • Get one longsword from a corpse in Great Plains, one from a hidden sarcophagus in Gurguth Cave, and one from Sergeant Morg for 300 gold (free with PER 2), OR buy them for 1000 gold each in Fögas (City).
  • During the ambush leave the defence to the group and head west. Infinite werewolves (level 12-13) will spawn besides all 3 entrances, one at a time. The only way to stop the assault is to kill the leader, Ahroun. You will find the pack leader a short distance west of the camp. Kill him quickly before the soldiers start to die.
  • If you choose the equip the men with Silver Longswords they will be able to survive for around 2 minutes unassisted. If you didn't, they will start dieing after 15-20 seconds.
  • After Ahroun is slain, all the werewolves instantly retreat. Return to the The Warrior's Guild (Nivarian) and speak to Sergeant Morg to collect your reward. He will reward you based on the number of survivors left at the camp, but will be willing to train you regardless of the losses incurred.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Decisive.png Intellect 1XerlaIross Highlands Necessary for gaining the opportunity to equip the outpost defenders with silver weapons, thus highly increasing their survival chances during the werewolf attack.
Personality 2XerlaIross Highlands Required for persuading Xerla to give you 2,000 Gold as a compensation for the silver weapons. Note: Only available after passing a preceding Personality 1 check.
Personality 2Sergeant MorgThe Warrior's Guild (Nivarian) Needed for obtaining one Silver Longsword for free from Sergeant Morg. Otherwise you have to pay 300 Gold. Note: Only available after passing a preceding Intellect 1 check with Xerla.

Quest Rewards

Speak to Sergeant Morg after defeating Ahroun, the werewolf leader.


Have all the soldiers survive the assault



Have some of the soldiers survive the assault



Have none of the soldiers survive the assault


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  • After equipping the men with Silver Longswords, any surviving soldiers will remain at the camp and keep the improved swords.