Disarm Devices

There are many dangerous traps scattered throughout the lands and dungeons of the Exiled Kingdoms. Most of them are hidden, all of them are deadly.

Detecting Traps

Finding hidden traps is based on Perception or via skills or items.

Disarm Devices

Disarming traps is based on Disarm Devices, a statistic based on:

Additionally, traps have a "level" that corresponds similarly to a character's level. There is a ±3% bonus/malus applied to Disarm Devices per level difference. This bonus is capped at +15% if the character's level is higher but there is no such cap if the player's level is lower.


Ensure your character is close to the trap (but not so close as to spring it!) and an icon should appear to attempt a disarm.

Adaon will automatically attempt to disarm traps if he is trained in the Trap Master skill and if his Disarm Devices is at least 60%