Dobros Storme

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Castle Storme
Call of the Blood

You shall become our honored guests here in Castle Storme.
― Dobros Storme

The feared and stern Baron Storme.


Despite House Storme accumulating lands, wealth and power, many Varsilian nobles quietly sneer at their questionable lineage. Seeking the prestige and honour of an ancient and distinguished ancestry Dobros was scheduled into an arranged marriage with Grissenda of House Mae'Ran, a noble of modest means now but who traces her forebears back to Azaph the Ermit in the days of Emperor Sadinar. But as the wedding age approached the Baron was spurned as Grissenda fled, but he accepted the Second Daughter of House Mae'Ran, Eirenda.

Now with lands, titles, wealth, power, and the prestige of honorable lineage, nothing can stop him...


No known Faction associations




Combatant Stats

Type Level XP Armor Health Mana MovementBoss Type
Unique Human NPCs 15 500 Shield small.png 24 Heart.png 314 Mana.png 0 1miniboss
Damage Extra Damage Speed Crit % DPS Resistances
Sword.png 27-31 Shock.png 6 Speed.png 10 6 35.6 Cold.png 250 Shock.png 250 Death.png 250 Poison.png 250
Attributes Skills Proc Effect
Shield Duel: 2; Heavyhand: 2 Stun (5%, 2s)



  • Some of the stats change with creature level and game mode. The values shown in the table above always refer to the highest level at Normal difficulty. On Hard or Iron Man some values such as HP and attack stats are increased by 25%.