Don't Shoot the Messenger

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Side Quest: Don't Shoot the Messenger
Don't Shoot the Messenger.png
Starting Location
Kingsbridge (City)
Given By
Rolf Ehrar
Spare Rolf:
Lesser Ring of Death Ward ♦ 150 XP

Kill Rolf:
Thief's Blade ♦ 150 XP

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Don't Shoot the Messenger is a quest given to you by Rolf Ehrar at Kingsbridge (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 8 - Completable (may adversely affect other quests)

Rolf Ehrar is a courier seeking help delivering a letter to a man in the New Garand Farmlands.

Quest Steps

  1. Agree to deliver the message to Horton in the farmlands near New Garand.
  2. Locate and deal with Horton.
  3. Return to Rolf.
  4. Decide Rolf's fate.


Kingsbridge (City)New Garand FarmlandsRolf Ehrar

Detailed Walkthrough

You will find Rolf Ehrar near the eastern entrance of Kingsbridge. He is a courier who, because of family issues, is unable to deliver a letter south to the farmlands near New Garand. The letter needs to reach a man named Horton. He assures you that Horton will pay you 100 gold upon delivery. You can agree to take on the task, or ask for an upfront payment to cover expenses. The latter will gain you 50 gold. Head east out of Kingsbridge to the Southern Bluemist River. At the signpost, head south, passing an empty tower, and fighting bandits. After crossing the bridge, continue south defeating any bandits that may challenge. Once in New Garand Farmlands, follow the road until you pass by some buildings. At this point head southwest towards the coast.

You will find Horton and his men, Eddie and Joun, as you continue south down the coastline. Speaking with Horton will reveal that things were not as they seemed, and a fight will ensue. Loot their corpses, then head back to Rolf to get some answers.

Confront Rolf to be presented with options regarding his fate. Spare his life to receive a Lesser Ring of Death Ward and a reputation boost with the thieve's guild. If you choose to take the scoundrel's life, you will be forced to fight and kill him. His corpse will carry a Thief's Blade and some gold. Giving him a chance to plead his case, but then killing him, will result in a loss of Kingsbridge reputation.


Quest Rewards

Spare Rolf:



Kill Rolf:



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