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EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) grants %8 percent base chance + 4% per rank to spend an Ancient Battery and deal massive shock damage (plus paralyze Robots)

List of EMP Weapons

Icon Name Class RarityCost/Val Damage Speed Crit % DPS Attribute
Powerbow.png Ion Recurve W, R Uncommon1500/375 Sword.png 3-7 +Shock.png 6 15 5 16.8 EMP 1
Powerdagger.png Nanocarbon Scalpel All Uncommon1500/375 Sword.png 7-13 +Shock.png 6 12 6 19.7 EMP 1
Powerblade.png Nanocarbon Sword W, C Uncommon1500/375 Sword.png 11-17 +Shock.png 8 10 6 22.5 EMP 2
Powermaul.png Pneumatic Mallet W, C Uncommon1500/375 Sword.png 12-22 +Shock.png 10 8 4 22 EMP 3
Tesla emitter.png Tesla Emitter M Uncommon6000/1500 Shock.png 7-12 11 7 10.9 EMP 2 ♦ Arcane 2
Tesla rod.png Tesla Rod M Uncommon6000/1500 Shock.png 8-16 9 5 11.2 EMP 3 ♦ Arcane 3


EMP damage is incredibly useful in the fight against killer robots. This has to be balanced by the fact that EMP damage consumes ancient batteries but you also need batteries for other purposes. If you want to use one of these weapons, but you don't want your ancient batteries used, stick the batteries in your bag of holding if you have it. You won't give EMP damage, but you will save your batteries for other uses.