Easy as Pie

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Side Quest: Easy as Pie
Easy as Pie.png
Starting Location
Freetown (City)
Given By
Turn in 3 Golden Apples:
Potion of Lesser Restoration ♦ 1200 XP
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Easy as Pie is a quest given to you by Ronaëf at Freetown (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 55 - Completable

The new Queen of Mercia has an insatiable appetite for exotic foods and is making the life of her cook, Ronaëf, miserable. Ronaëf is worried if he cannot provide the Queen with a Golden Pie, she will cut off his head. He needs help finding three Golden Apples for his recipe.

Quest Steps

  1. Speak with Ronaëf about his predicament.
  2. Search for the Golden Apples.
  3. Collect three Golden Apples.
  4. Return to Ronaëf.


Freetown (City)Crimson HillsRonaëf

Detailed Walkthrough

Near the entrance to the castle, you will come upon Ronaëf worried he is about to be a dead man. The new queen has been demanding exotic foods requiring rare ingredients lately. She has a short temper and penchant for beheading those who displease her. Her most recent request is for a Golden Pie, made from Golden Apples that are rumored to no longer exist anywhere in the kingdoms. Agree to keep an eye out during your travels and return with three apples if you ever find them.

If you are able to pass a level 2 Intellect or level 3 Personality check, towards the end of your initial conversation, Ronaëf will share with you the rumor that the apples used to grow near Lake Nivar. Looking at the world map, that narrows it down to two areas: the Crimson Hills and (area currently unknown). The location you want is the northwestern part of Crimson Hills.

To reach the Crimson Hills, you must travel north of Northern Bluemist River. Its a decent trek from Freetown, so you might consider using the Iron Enclave to teleport you to the South Sagar Forest and its Sagar Enclave for a shorter, easier journey. Once in the Hills, your first goal is to cross a bridge near the middle of the map. Explore the southeastern area to find a route to the bridge. After the bridge, in addition to the bears you have been facing, you will also find Hill Giants. They pack a serious punch, so watch out if you are ill equipped or lower than Level 14. From the bridge, head east until you can make your north and then west. You will want to hug the southern rocks until you are able to dip south. There will be a Hill Giant waiting for you here. As you round the bend and head back north, you will see a small hap in the western rocks that will lead you to the Golden Tree, which is guarded by a Vengeful Wraith. When the area is clear, loot the tree for at least one apple and the Skeletal Remains for another.
In order to collect the third apple, you can continue to clear the northern area, looting the large chests for a chance to find one. The tree will also respawn another Golden Apple when the area is reloaded, by either sleeping 12 hours or saving outside the Crimson Hills and reloading. Once you have your third Golden Apple, head back to Freetown and Ronaëf.

With the Golden Apples in hand, the cook is grateful his life will be spared. To reward you, he makes a potion from the leftover juice of the Golden Apple. This Potion of Lesser Restoration will restore 1/2 of your missing HP and MP. Ronaëf also informs you that if you can bring him more Golden Apples, he will make more potions. Each future potion requires 3 Golden Apples.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Intellect 2RonaëfFreetown (City) Necessary for convincing Ronaëf to share his knowledge about possible locations of Golden Apples with you. Alternative: Personality 3.
Personality 3RonaëfFreetown (City) Necessary for convincing Ronaëf to share his knowledge about possible locations of Golden Apples with you. Alternative: Intellect 2.

Quest Rewards

Turn in 3 Golden Apples:



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  • The current areas available make the hint about the location far more enlightening, as Crimson Hills is the only accessible area near Lake Nivar.