Elixir of Galade

Elixir of Galade
A draught from the lost minotaur kingdom. Heals 120hp and grants +12 Armor for 8 seconds.
― In-game text


A potion passed down through the generations in the great minotaur kingdom. Even after being corrupted by the ashen mist, these minotaurs still hold on to the recipe for this incredible short-term boost. Stronger than any espresso, this drink makes you feel ready to face the day and greatly enhances your defense. This drink offers better healing than anything you can buy from the alchemists.

This is a Common item, a frequent drop or obtainable from merchants.



No known associated quests


Group Stackable Value CostEffectEffect AmountDuration/Range
Potion 300 1200Add HP and Armor+120 HP, +12 Armor8 seconds


  • Armor bonus will replace any other armor bonuses from active potions.