A gem, bright green.
― In-game text


Can be sold for 350 to Orduc of Solliga vendor in Jabal (City). In the Maze of Lamth (Level 2) the Minotaur Priest accepts them for 12 hours rest and High Priestess Br'mee accepts them for crafting items and for providing XP.

This is a Common item, a frequent drop or obtainable from merchants.




Group Stackable Value Cost
Gem 200 800


After the quest The Orbs of Galade, the High Priestess Br'mee will craft the Ring of the Bull or Ring of Holiness for 30 emeralds each. You can also bring her 10 emeralds each time to gain 5,000 XP points.

  • The question of how best to farm Emeralds comes up a lot. Consider that about one in five Wyverns and Wyvern Whelps drop an Emerald. Only about one in ten Nests from Lambar Cave and Cave of Echoes have an Emerald, but you will also gain experience and collect Vorator Eggs, which are always useful. Finally, Mercian Royal Crypt contains eight Sarcophagi with around a 15% chance of containing an Emerald, which is again slower than killing Wyverns but will let you gain more gold.